Wednesday, July 30, 2014

pretty awesome peeps!‏

We were by the temple today!  We just went in the waiting room. I love the temple! I never realized how much I loved it until I lived so far away.
We don't get to go very often.

Some pretty crazy things happened this week. But that's normal!

We went to a chiropractor that is in our ward for Sister Canaan. Then he adjusted all three of us. It was the scariest thing ever! It was like he was body slamming us to the ground. Afterwards my back felt a lot better though! And his wife fed us nut cheese and eggplant bacon. It was... interesting.

Zucchini grows rampant out here.
I have been eating of it a lot lately!
Welcome to South Carolina... gotta love it.
We found a couple new people to teach this week. I will tell you about them.

First, Billy. He is an older guy who lives in the cutest trailer. It is all decked out in hunting decorations. He just wants to know more and is very open. He told Sister Christensen she reminds him of Miranda Lambert, the Amish, a dumb blonde, and the devil all within an hour. It was the funniest thing. He is a tease. He told me I am sophisticated and look like the church's secretary. He just told Sister Canaan she looks like she is from California. Anyway, we talked to him about Joseph Smith and he is just super open to learning more.

Look!! I changed my hair... JK. It’s a wig. ;)
Second, William. William is younger and has a lot of crazy questions. Like, "who was God before he was God?" So we are strategically helping him to find those answers.

This is my plant that I brought back to life
 I got the plant from our Relief Society President
because she couldn't keep it alive.
(Mom observation: note the “Red Neck” flower pot.)

This is our district.

I'm still in a trio. It’s good. Definitely lots of fun and also lots more work! That's for sure! Transfers are next week, so change is in the air again! Sister Canaan is done with her mission, so she will be going back home to California. We will find out if Sister Christensen is getting transferred on Saturday.
I love being a missionary. And I know the work I am doing out here is like no other. The work is lead by God. I am so very grateful that I get to be a part of it. Have a great week. I love all y'all! :)

Love, Sister Broadbent.

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