Monday, March 31, 2014

Change is eminent.‏

So, this week is all a blur. I feel like that most of the time now. I can hardly remember what happened an hour ago, let alone a whole week ago!

It is that time again.... TRANSFERS!!! President called us Saturday and we found out that... Drum roll, please... Sister Roundy is getting transferred to a new area where she will be a Sister Training Leader (its the equivalent to a Zone Leader, but for sisters.) I will be staying in Georgetown and will be getting a new companion. I'm hoping I will be senior companion, then I will be able to drive. Although, I'm not sure if I remember how... It's like riding a bike, right? Hopefully... I feel like I just got to Georgetown with Sister Roundy, but it's been 12 weeks. Time is going by so fast!
So we will go down to Irmo on Wednesday and swap people around. I'm excited to see some other missionaries. Sister Titus is going home. :(

Yesterday was a really good day in church. It was Fast Sunday. We were surprised by a couple things.
1. Bosco came to church!! He had promised us a really, really long time ago that he would come. And he finally did! I almost didn't recognize him. He cleans up pretty good. It was so great.
2. Sister Clark came to church, too!! She is a less active we have visited a couple times. She hasn't come to church in 10 years. We were so surprised. Then guess what? She bore her testimony!! In it she said how grateful she was that we kept trying to see her, that we didn't give up on her. 
3. Amanda bore her testimony!! She doesn't like to be in front of people. But she bore her testimony. She is doing fantastic. She is just like a sponge and she loves coming to church. In her testimony she said how grateful she is for us and how much she loves us, her missionaries. I never thought I would be somebody's "missionary." 

And the women's broadcast was saturday. I hope y'all were able to watch it. It was very good. If you haven't had a chance to watch, I highly recommend it. I really enjoyed it and I can't wait for conference next weekend. 

Between church and the broadcast I have really felt that my Heavenly Father is pleased and proud of the hard work I am doing here in Georgetown. It was a very much needed reminder. Sometimes I forget that I'm not a half bad missionary. 

That was this week. Or at least what I remember most! I hope you have a good week! This time next week you will know my new position for the next transfer. Wish me luck! Love ya! :)

Love, Sister Broadbent.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pollen drops keep falling on my head!‏

Hey y'all! Another week has gone by here in Georgetown. We are still working hard on finding people to teach. Spring is in full bloom here. Everything is starting to have a layer of yellow from all the pollen. Needless to say, I've been taking a lot of allergy pills!
Sometimes when you are a missionary on the quest to find people to teach, funny things happen. A couple of funny things that happened this week starts with knocking some doors in Pawley's Island. We went up to this one door and they had a screen door and you could see into their house. We knock on the door and this little old lady stands up to come to the door. It looked like it hurt her so bad and she was having a hard time balancing. So, I opened the door to tell her she could sit back down, and that we didn't want her to get hurt. When I opened the door a big, fluffy cat ran in the house. The old lady screamed, "Don't let that cat inside!!" Sister Roundy and I apologized, and the next thing I know I'm walking in this lady's house looking for the cat. I was walking throughout the house saying, "Here kitty kitty..." yep. Sister Roundy asked the lady what the cat's name was. The lady just stared at Sister Roundy. I finally found the cat and picked it up, holding it as far away from me as possible. I took it outside and then the lady told us to get out... yep. It was super awkward/embarrassing. We laughed really hard once we left and realized what had happened...

Another funny story- We were checking up on a lead we found one day and something made my eye get all red and itchy and swollen and watery. We had to make an emergency trip to the walgreens to get some allergy eye drops and tissues. Good thing Sister Roundy was a nurse in her past life because I could not put those eye drops in to save myself life. But they worked! And now we know I'm allergic to the air here and big, fluffy cats.

A couple really neat experiences- This week we went on exchanges. I went to Summerville with Sister Glauser. We taught an active member family the restoration. It was so great. The spirit was so strong. It was just what I needed. It feels so great to have that peaceful, calm, loving feeling just wash over you. I relearned the truthfulness of the restored gospel that night. 

Another night we felt like we should go visit the Bucci family. We shared with them a message on hope. We discovered together that hope is the abiding trust that the Lord will fulfill his promises to you. We shared Ether 12:4 and testified of the power of hope and how hope can be our driving force in life. Then Sister Bucci just burst into tears. Come to find out their daughter died in a car accident on march 23 six years ago. We went over there on the 21. She said that the hope she has to see her daughter again is her driving force. We left after a little bit and felt kinda bad. But on Sunday they came to church and she gave us the biggest hug and just said, "Thank you." Then she said we were "stalkers for Jesus." Haha! It's so true. From what everybody in the branch says this was an unusual year for them around this time. Everybody said they usually draw away. So, maybe we helped them a little. Hopefully.

I just love being a missionary. I wouldn't trade the experiences I am having for anything in the world. Have a great week, y'all! 

Love, Sister Broadbent :D

Monday, March 17, 2014

Is there anything we can do for you?‏

First time driving in a very long time.
Living the life of a junior companion!
mmhmmm. The title sums up the last week! We helped a lot of people this week! I'm pretty sure I have raked more in the last couple weeks than I have in my life! :) It was really nice and warm this last week.

Y'all made chicken purlo? mmmm! I don't know if it's as good as the stuff they make here, but if it is you sure are lucky! Not grits. those are nasty. so don't try them. They have really good shrimp here... cant really try that though... fried squash is big. everything fried is big! I can't think of anything else, but I will think about it and let you know what else is good!Oh! I tried chicken liver and gizards the other day. They are really, really gross!
Hey! Guess what? We went to a meeting in Sumter with two other zones and were able to hear from President and Sister Holm (love them!) and also Elder and Sister Zwick of the 70. That was a good day! It was just the bottom half of the mission, so not everyone was there. They did the north half another day. We talked about a lot of things. Elder Zwick did this thing where we all had to prepare a Preach My Gospel principle and some other stuff to go along- like an experience and a scripture- then had a zone leader pick three companionships to present what we prepared in front of everyone. Guess who was one of those companionships. Yep. Sister Roundy and me. 

We had to present our findings in front of three zones of missionaries (a zone has about 25ish companions), President Holm, and a general authority. It was a little nerve wracking to say the least! But we were both oddly calm. Neither of us can really remember what we said, but they told us we did good! Elder Zwick really liked it! 

One thing I have really noticed this past week is how little we realize how much we can influence the people around us--for both good and bad. People recognize what we are doing individually and they can either grow in faith or decrease in faith from our actions. Do you want people to increase or decrease their faith in Jesus Christ because of your actions? It's a good question to ask yourself if you are willing to change. 

haha! get it? Broad bent! haha!
I just love being a missionary! It is the hardest job, but I sincerely and whole-heartedly love being a missionary. I hope y'all have a good week! Love ya!
Love, Sister Broadbent :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

beepo bopo... mmmm... yep

So this week. Hmmm... Nothing real exciting happened! It was cold most of the week. It rained for three days straight, too! Spring here is like a roller coaster! The weekends are nice and warm- like 70ish degrees, but the rest of the week is rainy and real cold- like 40ish degrees. Don't get jealous when I say 40 degrees is cold because cold here is different than cold in Utah. It's a wet cold, so it just goes straight through ya! It's crazy! You can be jealous about the 70 degrees though... ;) Just give it a couple more months and it will be really hot and humid!

We have been working really hard to find new people to teach. This week was kind of weird. We didn't really feel like we were doing anything throughout the actual week, but when we totaled our numbers we saw how hard we actually had been working. It was weird. Our numbers were the highest this week than they ever have been. Sometimes life is like that, I guess! It doesn't really feel like anything is happening, but when you really look back a lot of progress has been made.

Hmmm... What can I tell y'all about. Oh! Last week met a guy and his wife at a restaurant. He asked if we were ordering a lot of margaritas and if we were waiting for some boy friends. We told him no on both counts. Then he bought our dinner, and said we could come by his house sometime to see him and his wife because he sure liked "that Romney guy." So we went to his house this week. That was interesting! He is 78 years old and was a captain in the navy- He's not really any religion and he said he doesn't trust anyone who doesn't drink... But his wife is Catholic and had just got home from ash wednesday. She had a big black circle on her forehead from the ashes they rub on their heads. Sister Roundy and I both thought she had gotten shot... oops... She said it is a sign of repentance.

Hmm... What else? Oh! We always have lunch with the Lee family right after church on Sundays. They just live right by the church so we walk over. But last week they asked if there is anything we like that we don't get very often. I said very exuberantly, "Chicken purlo!" And guess what? This week we get there and there is a big pot of chicken purlo with sausage just for me! The sausage is a big deal because they don't like sausage in their purlo. I'm going to let y'all wonder what purlo is, but take my word- it is delicious. I am well taken care of. You never need to worry. :D

I can't think of anything else significant to tell y'all. But I love ya! And I hope ya have a good week! :)

cordially, Sister Broadbent. -Movie quote for Katherine Spackman right there! Cordially? get it? I love ya!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

que pasa, hogar nino?‏

Crazy sister... get it!?

We are teaching ourselves Spanish... :) Through the assistance of the ward mission leader and his wife. I don't have much time to write because I got a little distracted by some other things. So this week in a nutshell:

1. We helped move the Blount family. that was an adventure!
Got both these trucks stuck in the mud when we were helping the Blount Family move
2. We helped John move a lot of limbs/ taught him about the gospel. We are getting somewhere with him. He's a hard egg to crack.
3. We found a guy metal detecting who has been meeting with missionaries in Myrtle Beach and said he thought it was a sign we stopped and talked to him and he wants to go to church. So that was neat!
4. We were able to finally meet a bunch of less actives whom we have never been able to catch. One of them was real excited to see us after she realized we weren't murderers.... :) It took her a while to come to the door. We are going back on Wednesday to help her with some yard work.

Sometimes people, Both members and Elders, think that sisters are second class missionaries just because we are women and don't have the priesthood. In their minds I guess that means that we can't teach as well or we don't work as hard. Here is what I have to say to them: Missionary work is not supposed to be a battle of the sexes. It's not a competition between Elders and Sisters. We work together to bring souls to Christ through baptism. Y'all need to realize and respect the worthy labor that anybody puts forth to find and teach all people about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a hard, hard work. Sisters work as hard as Elders and Elders work as hard as Sisters. If you don't come to the realization that Sisters are just as capable and worthy, you will have a hard time in a couple years on your mission. Elders and Sisters are both set apart by the same power, which is through God. We both represent the same Savior, who is Jesus Christ. Sure, we bring unique abilities to the table, but we work as one for the same purpose. I know that Jesus Christ is the head of this church and this work. It is His work. Y'all are going to be great missionaries! Do all you can to prepare, and just remember that Elders are not better than sisters.

Me and Sista Rounday
yepp.... That's this last week in a nutshell!
Sorry it's so short...
Love ya! 
Sister Broadbent