Wednesday, May 28, 2014

the life of a missionary.‏

Hey! guess what? I'm senior companion! It is somewhat confusing though because Sister Christensen has been out longer than me. We called to really figure it out and then it was me! So, I hold the keys at all times of the day. :) And I drove on the freeway to West Columbia to get to our church. First time driving on the freeway ever. EEK! We all survived.
We have been working on our map quite a bit this week. It was all messed up due to lack of updating by previous missionaries. To all current or potential missionaries: Oh, remember, remember to update!  It makes everybody's life easier... ;) We are also working on redefining our boundaries. Sister Christensen and I will probably be taking some of the other sisters area and they will most likely be taking some of the Elders area. It's still being determined though. We've been doing a lot of map stuff!
It has been a mixture of hot and stormy. For a couple days it is like living in a dish washer that is on high heat sanitize. Then a rainstorm comes through. They are so nice.
And the lightning and thunder is spectacular. Then its cooler for a couple days- and by cooler I mean in the 80s with humidity. Then it gets back to high 90s and more humidity. We pray for rain all the time... :)
We don't really have anyone we are really working with right now. Just working on going through our leads and formers to see who is really interested. We are working with Marsha though. She is less active and lives two houses down from us. She grew up in the church, but decided not to be apart of it once she was in her 20s. She went a little crazy and has a lot of misconceptions about the church and it's teachings. We have been focusing on the Book of Mormon. She has been reading a chapter a day and highlights the parts she has questions about. We go over and help her understand and find the answers. She is a good lady.
It's been cool to see the change in me. I knew practically next to nothing about the Book of Mormon before my mission. Now I can actually help other people understand it better. There is so much more for me to learn. I'm excited for the adventure ahead. :)
Welp, that's pretty much how it is going. At least the main things. I love ya. Have a good week. Y'all are doing great things for your country.
Love, Sister Broadbent.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Change, Change and More Change

If there is one thing I have learned on my mission it is that change is inevitable. And sometimes it's not very fun.
Look what we found in our back yard in Georgetown...
There were gators in your backyard?!
That is a little creepy, probably not many stray cats or dogs.
hehe... Just kidding! they were at Brook Green Gardens.
I got transferred to Gaston. It's about 30 minutes from West Columbia. My new companion is Sister Christensen. She is from Vernal, Utah. I live in a trailer again. Whoot whoot! There are two other sisters living with us: Sister Canaan and Sister Millett. I'm in the Congaree Ward. There are four sets of missionaries in the ward. Two sets of sisters, a set of elders, and a set of senior sisters. It's really weird to have another set of sisters in the same ward. Something to get used to.
When I went to Brook Green Gardens in Georgetown.
I'm also trying my best to adjust to the area. It's super small town and country, 7 out of 10 people have little to no teeth. I've been trying my best to adjust to my companion. It's been a little rough. Hopefully it gets better.
I've been driving since transfers but we aren't sure who is really senior comp. She has been out longer than me, but I was on the left of the screen at transfers. We haven't asked anyone about it yet. I'm okay with it though. I get to drive!
Sister Seaman told me I had to get a
picture by this street sign...
I'm not that sassy...
That's pretty much what's happened this week. I said goodbye to people in Georgetown and said hello to people in Gaston.  Not very many people have been home, though. Something else I've had to adjust to- going from a branch to a ward. The whole church in Georgetown could fit in the chapel of this new building. I sorta liked it little...
So when change comes and it's kind of hard- pray and read your patriarchal blessing. It really helps. I've been doing a lot of that this week.
I love being a missionary. Even when it's hard. and requires a lot of change. Go to church. Read your scriptures. Say your prayers. Everything will work out. 
Love, Sister Broadbent

We found this sign at the beach,
so we took pictures by it because
 it is awkward.