Monday, September 22, 2014

Urgent... urgent... emergency transfers! Like the song... Get it? ‏

So much has happened this week! We will just start with the biggest change. I am in Myrtle Beach. I got emergency transferred here on Saturday. My new companion is Sister Stolworthy. She seriously is so awesome. Sister Orr flew home with her mom Saturday. They closed Gaston down for sisters.
Sister Orr and I went adventuring and found
some lakes so she could "practice sitting"
for the plane ride. I love her!!
Fwew... !! Now that we got that all out, I will explain more. We went to the doctor on Tuesday and he said she has a bulging disc most likely. So he gave her some super strong pain killers. We went and found President and Sister Turner at the Irmo chapel because it was transfers. We talked to them about the whole situation. We went home and Sister Orr took her pain medicine and she was pretty much out of it. Many, many phone calls later and we are to Thursday. President called us and told us that Sister Orr would be going home and I would be going to Myrtle Beach. We needed to be ready to go the next day at dinner time, thus commenced the hustle and bustle of packing/ closing down our trailer. I was really disheartened to leave Gaston. I loved it there so much! Myrtle Beach is great so far, though!
Welcomed to Myrtle Beach by a giant double rainbow!
Some different people came over to help us get things done. I dropped Sister Orr off at the mission home Friday night. We had dinner with her mom and the APs and President and Sister Turner. I stayed the night with some other sisters and the APs took me to Florence the next day. I went to lunch by myself with 5 elders. That was... a new experience. The drive was about an hour and a half. That was also a new experience to be by myself with two guys- let alone two elders! I'm going to be so awkward when I get home... I feel so awkward now!
Me and Sister Stolworthy. She is from Las Vegas.
So, that pretty much brings us to today. We live with two other sisters in a pretty nice apartment. I love Sister Stolworthy. It feels like we were friends before the mission. I know this is where I need to be right now with who I need to be with. As I thought about leaving Gaston and Sister Orr, the sadness turned into peace. I miss Sister Orr, and I hope she gets to come back soon. I am excited to be with Sister Stolworthy. And I'm excited to be back by the beach again. I love the ocean. :)
We saw a less-active member. The spirit was so strong. We talked with her about her infinite worth and centering our lives on Jesus Christ. She is coming to the women’s' broadcast this Saturday. Y'all should go, too! It's going to be great!
Well... That's pretty much the week I've had in a nutshell. It's been crazy, but it's kept me on my toes.
I love being a missionary! :)
Love ya!
Sister Broadbent.

Monday, September 15, 2014

This week has been...

Thank you for the bday packages! I highly enjoyed them :)

It was really hard to open...
This week has been... I've had better. Sister Orr... She isn't getting better. We went to the doctor on Tuesday. He told Sister Orr he thinks she might have a bulging disc. So, he gave her a steroid (prednisone) and said if that doesn't work he will do an MRI. Welp, it hasn't worked. If anything it made it worse. We will be getting an MRI done today or tomorrow. Depending on what that says she could go home later this week or early next week. I'm not sure what is going to happen. I just know it's been a really, really hard week.

Haha! Well Missy got her
Birthday Package!
Complete with Buzz Lightyear
blanket and binocs!

We stayed home pretty much all week. We visited our ward mission leader and his wife a couple times. It was good to have some social interaction! We got permission to watch a movie with them, so we did. That was fun! I didn't really feel like a missionary though...

This is one of the birthday cakes
people made me. It was super good.
I have been reading in Mosiah- the part about Abinadi. There is a verse that has stood out to me more than it had before. It is when King Noah and his priests are questioning Abinadi, and they just don't understand. In chapter 12 verse 27 Abinadi says, "Ye have not applied your hearts to understanding; Therefore ye have not been wise." We can know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true in our heads, but until it doesn't really mean anything until we know it in our heart. It's easy to know it in your head. The hard part is knowing it in your heart. That's the part that takes work. A great way we can know and feel the truth in our hearts is by doing the things we are taught to do. Like going to church, daily scripture study, and prayer. And do them because we want to- not because we feel we have to. I have found that more often than not it takes time to get it fully into our heart. So, when it doesn't happen as quickly as we think it should, we don't need to get frustrated. Just keep trying. It will happen eventually. When it does we can feel a greater desire to follow and strictly keep all of God's commandments. It's something to always work on, since we continually make mistakes. But that is why we have the opportunity to repent, and try again. 

Have a great week y'all! 
I love ya :)
Peace and blessings.
Love, Sister Broadbent