Tuesday, July 8, 2014

This was a full week! Lots happened!

I'm not really sure where to start...
Well, first off- not going to lie- it was a hard week. I cried a lot... Just some insecurities came up to the surface and stayed a little bit. But I'm good now. Missions are like a giant pressure cooker. So, yep...
Second- We met President and Sister Turner this week. They are so cute. And so nervous. They are a lot different than President and Sister Holm, but I like them. They are just as inspired as they were. They are just what this mission needs. I decided that President Turner looks like Mitt Romney and Steve Martin mixed together. ;) I'm excited for this new change.
Third- Marcia and Sister Hoffman came to church on Sunday! They are a couple less actives we have been working with. It was so great to see them there. They are making so much progress.
Fourth- We put three people on date for baptism!! They are scheduled to be baptized the beginning of August. We will continue to work with them and pray they stay on date and eventually get baptized. Could y'all pray for Karen, Tiffany, and Melissa?
Fifth- it was fourth of July!! I love me some America :) We were on lock down part of the night, so we got special permission to watch Ephraim's Rescue. Such a good movie! We didn't see any fireworks, but we heard them :)
Something I learned this week is, If we aren't progressing we are digressing. When we are digressing we are damning ourselves. Pretty bold, huh? However, it is true.

I love all y'all! Have a good week! :)
Love, Sister Broadbent.

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