Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Three Musketeers... Amigos... Blind mice... Whatever you prefer. :)‏

This week was good and full of many changes. I am learning to love/ embrace change! 
Like I said last week, I am in a trio. Woot woot! It's fun. Definitely a new experience keeping track of an extra person and making sure an extra person is doing okay spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. It has been fun so far, though!

Our last day with the car...

I am no longer senior companion, therefore I don't drive anymore. It was a good 6 weeks while it lasted! We combined our areas, so now it is HUGE! Figuring out how to best work with everything we have. They took mine and Sister Christensen's phone and car.

We saw a lot of less actives this week. We are working on growing our teaching pool. Like usual!

This week I have started studying more about the atonement and the life of Jesus Christ. It has made a big difference. I have learned much just reading the verses leading up to the atonement and the events that take place. I have also noticed my ability to recognize and rely on the Holy Ghost has been improving because I have been learning more about the atonement. Y'all should try it out, too. Mark chapter 14 and Luke chapter 22 are good places to start. They are the same story just from different viewpoints. I like the one in Mark best. I know that if you will put for the effort to learn more about the atonement than you do now you will be able to have the spirit in your life more strongly than before. And you will be able to know how to act on the promptings you may receive.

Sorry this is such a short email. We can still be friends right? ;) I love all y'all. Have a good week.

Love, Sister Broadbent.

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