Wednesday, December 25, 2013


This week was pretty great! We went caroling in downtown Greenville last night. Proselyting around Christmas isn't very effective, so the zone has plans to go caroling every night this week. Sister Titus and I won't be able to go every night, but we will go most of the nights.
We had many awesome miracles happen this week, but I want to have something to tell you on Christmas. So you'll just have to wait!
So...Sorry this is so short. I have an attention span of about 5 minutes because I can't stop thinking about Christmas. I'm quite excited. :)
I'll talk to ya in a couple days :D remember, 1130. Be there or be square

These are the pictures I was going to send last week. It is my district! We are pretty much best friends. We all got ugly sweaters- most from thrift shops, but a couple from the women's section of Walmart... AKA Elder Potts and Garrett... :) Hope you enjoy

hey bros

This week we did a lot of stuff... I will just give you the day to day rundown... If you don't mind.

Monday: We did all our pday stuff (emails, groceries, etc.) We played basketball/volleyball with the Elders in our district for five-ish hours. We were really sore after that... But we always have fun. I would like Audrey and Janessa to know that my basketball skills are improving rapidly. We will have a competition when I get back and I'll school you both. So, there... :) We also went to Sierra's and Sister Titus taught them how to knit while I worked on the countdown chain. We are making a yearlong countdown chain to when Sierra and Arlin get to go to the temple. It's pretty sick.

Tuesday:  We took our district Christmas picture with our ugly sweaters. I forgot my camera, so you'll have to wait for that gem. We also made up a skit for Christmas zone conference, which is tomorrow. It's pretty sick. We took our car to the shop and got it fixed. YAY for heating! We visited some people then went to the to a member's home for dinner. Then we wrapped some Christmas presents.

Wednesday: We went on exchanges. I stayed in my area and Sister Titus went to Simsponville. We met a lot of people to go back and see. Get this. We knocked into this one guy who we taught half of the restoration to. He agreed with everything and loved it all. We gave him a Book of Mormon, too. As we were leaving he said, "I thought y'all were the Mormons. They are crazy and I don't believe anything they do. That's a weird bunch of people." We just walked away and said we'd come back. I'm excited to see how that goes... We gave him a book of MORMON... So, ya... That's interesting.

Thursday: We visited a lot of less-active members and had dinner with the a family. They are good people who are working on coming back to church.

Friday: We had the ward Christmas party. We made Oreo Truffles for it. It was a good party. A family we have been teaching came which made us so excited. Something funny: a lot of ward members have a hard time remembering my name, so they just say hello to Sister Titus. But Sister Titus can't remember who they are, so she asks me and I know. It's just funny that people don't remember me, but I remember them. And people remember sis Titus, but she doesn't remember them. Ironic...

Saturday: We went to a baptism for a new sister. It was a good one. The Elders in our ward taught her and Sister Titus spoke. I lead the music...again. It's an ongoing joke we have because one time I lead the music and nobody was paying attention and I didn't want to stand up there anymore, so I sat down. And y'all know how I lead music. Now I lead the music all the time... Jank.

Sunday: We went to church and did a bunch of other stuff. We visited some less-actives. We went to the stake choir Christmas thing.

That brings us to today! We are emailing. Then we will go grocery shopping, clean Atticus (our car) and go play sports with the district/ practice our skit. We'll do something later tonight.

I never realized how much planning goes into missionary work. Good plans=good days. Bad plans=bad days. I've been learning a lot about the difference between those two.

have a good week! :)
 Sister Broadbent

Monday, December 9, 2013

A Lot of Little Miracles

We had a good last week! A lot of little miracles happened.
I'll just start with the trivial things first... Thanks for the McDonalds gift card, mom! It has been muoy helpful! I got a jacket to layer with my rain coat. That's actually part of a miracle. I got to wrap presents this week and get to wrap more on Tuesday! I love to wrap presents! The vents in our car are broken, so we have to drive with the windows down so that the window doesn't get foggy. It's a fun time during a cold rain storm! :) Luckily we are taking it in to get fixed tomorrow.
Speaking of rain, it has been super rainy. But lots of times it's not really raining. It's just really humid. Like you're walking outside and you can feel water droplets on your face, but it's not raining... It's really weird. Then all your clothes are slightly moist. So, that's cool... ;)
Now to the good stuff.
1. We weren't having very many member meals... Like ever. But Sister Titus paid fast offerings last week and people just called us to see if we could have dinner. Then we had the next two weeks of meals planned. That was cool.
2.We went grocery shopping last Monday and met a member there. We were going to go hiking around her house after shopping. So she was walking around the store with us. We got a lot of stuff. Like really a lot. I got a jacket and about two weeks worth of food. and Sister Titus got about the same. Then we get to the cash register and this sweet member insisted on buying our groceries. She would not budge. So, she got our groceries. Then took us out to dinner. She is one of the most sweetest, genuine, giving people I have ever met.
3. We were working on contacting all of the former investigators in our area one day. We went to this one address in our records and come to find out the couple had been away on business for about a year and had just got back the night before. They are looking for jobs that can keep them around here, so they can come to church. And he wants to get baptized. And he came to church on Sunday. He has a lot of experiences with the church that were good.Bahhh! So exciting.
4. We went to two baptisms on Saturday. One in our ward and one in the 1st ward. It's just amazing to see there reactions when they come out of the font. I never realized how important and amazing baptism is, but I am constantly reminded by the baptisms we get to go to. The new members have so much faith and have made some big changes. And I love to see them glow, because they know it is true.
Being a missionary is pretty much the bomb. I love it a lot. I have an invitation for y'all. Will you at the end of the day write down how you saw the hand of God in your life? Then will you tell me at the end of the week? I would really like that. :)
Well, I got to go. Have a great week. And look for the miracles. I know they are there. :)
Love, Sister Broadbent

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Random Pictures

These are some random pictures that Missy, I mean Sister Broadbent, has sent but they just didn't seem to fit in the blog so here they are, in no particular order.

 Sister Titus  took a picture of me at the library just now. 
So this is what I look like today (Dec 2, 2013)

We drove by this giant pumpkin and chair on the side of the 
road in the middle of no where on our way to 
a dinner appointment for Thanksgiving.

One time we went to a members home for dinner and he 
brought out this Darth Vader helmet from the 70s. 
So obviously we had to try it on.

 Sister Titus likes to say my name then take a picture when I look

We like to sing in the car to Christmas church songs. 
So I take pictures of Sister Titus 

Just me trying to see if I fit in the cabinets... I do!

Us with our zone leaders before Elder Tanner got transferred. We went to downtown Greenville and had an end of transfer party. Left to right Elder Oviatt, Elder Tanner, Me, Sister Titus

A random side of the road picture

FYI from mom
It's not too late to send a Christmas Card!

Sister MonicaLynn Broadbent
South Carolina Columbia Mission
110 Oak Park Drive Suite B
Irmo, SC 29063

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Mr. Littizzette was an awesome teacher.
 He was killed in an accident.
Saturday, Nov 30, 2013.
Well, this week was full of things. I just heard the news about Lit from Katherine and Mom. My heart sank when I heard. He was such a great teacher and such a great man. It's because of him that I love biology so much and want to go into biology. He will be missed most definitely. I'm wearing my AP Bio shirt today and I'm not taking it off for a while. Yeah, true story!

This week it snowed. Yep. Didn't think I'd see snow for 18 months. It didn't stick, but it snowed for a good hour. It rained a lot, too. Like really a lot. I think I'm going to buy a thicker coat or something to layer my rain coat with. We did go knocking in the pouring rain, though! It was actually really good. We met a lot of people. It feels good to go out and talk to people. I totally forgot it was cold and rainy, too. It was just a good day.
This is Sierra and us at her baptism
A lot of this week was dedicated to getting ready for our investigators baptism and wedding. Yep. She got married and baptized on the same day. It was the bomb. She (Sierra) is absolutely wonderful. She married a less- active member who is now active. We had no clue what was ever going on at the wedding/baptism. It was sort of crazy. But we did our best and it all worked out. We just went with it most of the time.

My favorite part of the whole thing though was when she got into the font. Ah... That was amazing. Just seeing her face and how happy she was was so awesome. In those few moments I felt the spirit so strong, and I was so happy for her. I knew in that moment that this is what it's all about. Being a missionary is easy when you think about it. We just try our best and do what we are supposed to do and the Holy Ghost touches the souls of wandering people. Then they act with unwavering faith. I love being a missionary.
Sierra was so beautiful and I could feel how excited and happy she was, and yet how content and calm she was also. It was so cool.
Us and Sister McMinn. She's pretty much the bomb
I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! I know this is where I am supposed to be. Sometimes it's really hard to be so far away from family and friends, but I can feel your prayers. I've got a bunch of friends here that will last a life time. I love being a missionary so much.
I've got to go, but I'll talk to ya next week! :)
Sister Missy Broadbent :)
PS Sister Titus caught the bride's flower bouquet at the wedding... :)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Que pasa?‏

Well, this week was a little bit of a struggle. We are having a really hard time finding people to teach. Sometimes being a missionary is hard. But I still love it! Thank you for the letters/emails! They really make me happy! Probably more than is normal, but it's cool...

A few things that happened this past week. Hmmm... You may like to know that I don't like Dr. Pepper anymore, or any carbonated drink for that matter. We went to Mcdonald’s the other day and I got a large Dr. Pepper like I used to. I couldn't drink more than 3/4. It was disgusting. It like burned my esophagus. I've just gotten so used to water. I got orange juice last week and it was gone in approximately two days... So I think I will stick to juice and water from now on.

Sister Titus was cursed by a four year old multiple times. Long story short, he came to church with his dad, but his mom is a wiccan. He was quite aggressive with Sister Titus. So if anything bad happens, you know why... ;)

Don't worry about me on Thanksgiving! We have a lunch 12, Dinch at 2, Dinner at 5, dessert at 7, and something else at 8. So no need to worry on that! I'm excited. We have one of everything: Less-active, active, investigator, part member and active. It will be a good day. They are all really good people.

Look what street I found!
Go Mustangs!!
I have made it through one transfer as a missionary in the field! (a transfer is every 6 weeks) We are staying in Greenville, but Elder Tanner and Sister Robinson are leaving our district. And a bunch more from the zone. We are having a zone party thing today before everyone leaves. So basically we will play sports then go to downtown and sing songs/ do my cotton-eye-joe dance and Irish jig. It will be fun, but we will miss them when they leave. They are great missionaries.

One thing I've been doing this week is reading the Book of Mormon. Elder Bednar said that if we read it with a certain subject in mind and mark everything on that subject, we will understand better and grow closer to God. He also said if we continue doing it we will never fall away from this Gospel. My topic is trust and the blessing that come from trusting in fully in God. I have already learned so much.

Something that stuck out to me today doesn't have to do with trust, but is found in 1 Ne 17:19. This is the chapter that Nephi is commanded to build a boat. Nephi is very trusting and very obedient, so of course he does what he is commanded. When his brothers realize what he is trying to do, they start murmuring/complaining against Nephi. This makes Nephi very sad. Then his brothers rejoice in his sorrow and say, "Wherefore, thou canst not accomplish so great a work." They continue to say all these other things he has done wrong and how foolish he is.

This really hit me because that is not how God talks to his children. That is 110% Satan. And sometimes it is hard to tell who is talking to us when it is really happening. This week I felt a lot of "you can't do this because it's hard and you aren't strong enough" and I had a hard time telling who was talking to me. But when I read this scripture I knew that it was Satan. If sometimes it feels like you are trying your best to keep your covenants and just choose the right, but you still get the little voice that says, "You're not good enough. This is too hard for you. Just quit." Keep going. Ignore it and press on. Because it is not true. Not at all. And you CAN do it. You CAN be a faithful servant of the Lord in all you do. Just read your scriptures, say your prayers, go to church. Just do what you know is true. I know that if you do this that the adversary will have no power over you. You CAN be noble, valiant, courageous, and bold in the world. You CAN. That is why you are here. You were meant to stand out. And I know that if you are always standing in the Lord, you can stand out in the world. And you will be so incredibly happy.

Just trust and have faith, and everything will work out. Just keep doing your best. If you fall, just get back up. Use the atonement with all your heart, then get back up. Heavenly Father will help you through the rejoicing and sorrowful times if you rely on him. I know that this is true.

I love you. And I love being a missionary. Have a good Thanksgiving.

Sister Broadbent :D