Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Coming at ya live from the SCCM

Hey y'all!

Another week has gone by here in South Carolina.

My new companion is Sister Jessica Orr. She is from Vernal and went to high school with Sister Christensen. Crazy, huh? I'm guessing it is God's subtle way of telling me I need to go to Vernal... ;) She is younger than me both in real life age and mission age. She has been out about six months. So, I get to drive again! Woot, woot!
Two random phone calls made my week! First, Sister Titus called me! She is in Columbia working and one of her coworkers is in my ward. That was good to hear her voice! Then some random man who is the Conway ward called us to find another sister missionary. I have no idea how he got our phone number, but Conway is the ward Amanda moved to when I was in Georgetown. I asked him if he knew her and guess what? He has taken her to church a couple times!! It was an answer to my prayers because I was worried she wasn't getting to church or if she even knew anyone in the ward over there. I had no way communicating with her since she is blind and can't read letters and I can't call her. I sent a card to her dad's address, though. It was just really good to know she is being taken care of and is going to church still.
Something that stuck out to me this week is the influence that music has on our minds and spirits. Just think of the last three songs you listened to- how did you feel/ what were you thinking? Do you know what the lyrics are saying? I'm not saying you need to listen to church music always. Just encouraging you to evaluate the music you listen to.
I will tell y'all about a scripture I enjoy and can teach us all. It is 2 Nephi 2:14. Look it up. Right now! I love it! There is a God. He created the Earth and everything in it- including you! Think of everything in the world. There are cars, rocks, animals, clouds, money, humans, etc. The difference between us and the other things like cars or rocks is that we can act for ourselves. We don't have to wait for somebody else to make decisions for us. When we just sit around and do nothing we are allowing others to act upon us. Don't allow other people to make decisions for you. God gave you the gift to choose and act for yourself. Accept the gift.

The Carrico's have come to church two weeks in a row now! They are a less active family we have been working with. They are super sweet. Sister Orr has celiac disease and is very sensitive to gluten and as soon as Brother Carrico found out he was looking gluten free recipes up on his phone. It was so funny because he struggles with technology, but he was trying so hard. He made her a gluten free chocolate cake. It was pretty good, too!
Great news!! Sister Roundy and I are in the same district this transfer! They added our district to theirs because we went back down to two sisters. I just love Sister Roundy so much. This will be her last transfer.
This week was full of tender mercies. I am very grateful for them all. I needed them. I love you all! <3 <3 have a good week.
Love Sister Broadbent

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  1. I feel so much love for you and your family. Thank you for being such a good example to everyone.
    Shanna Hugie