Monday, July 14, 2014

Hope Is My Motivator


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So I'm just going to be honest- things are kind of falling apart. We haven't been able to get a hold of two of the people we put on date since we put them on date a couple weeks ago. Our investigators aren't keeping their commitments. Our less-actives aren't keeping their commitments. Many other things are going downhill. You want to know something, though? I love it. Being a missionary is so hard; I never imagined how hard it would actually be. And I love it. I wouldn't change it for anything. I have faith that one day I will understand why it has to be so hard. Attaining eternal salvation has never been easy. Maybe that's why it is so difficult.    

I studied about hope in Preach My Gospel today. It says that hope is the unwavering trust that God will fulfill all the promises he makes to his children. Hope is the driving force for most- if not all- our actions. Heavenly Father will follow through on each and every promise he gives you. That is an eternal truth. If God did not do what he said he would, he would cease to be God. The only question is you willing to follow through on the promises you have made with him? 

The moment we go back on the promises we make with him he no longer has to keep his. The moment we don't pay tithing, or obey the Word of Wisdom, or the Law of Chastity, or do the things mentioned in Mosiah 18: 9-10 (our baptismal covenant) is the moment all of our promised blessings disappear. Poof! They are gone.

However, we are God's children and he loves us more than you or I could ever comprehend. That is why he has provided a way for us to come back when we make a mistake. The Atonement of Jesus Christ restores our hope and acts as a spring board to regaining the blessings he has promised you individually. The atonement is like the ultimate white out. We are going to mess up. We are human. That's why Jesus Christ chose to perform the great and everlasting sacrifice- because Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ want us to come back home so desperately.

When things get hard- rely on hope. When things get good- rely on hope. Everything will work out. Use the atonement. It was made especially for you. 

I love y'all. Have a good week. Do the things you know are right. And keep hoping.

Love, Sister Broadbent. 

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