Monday, December 9, 2013

A Lot of Little Miracles

We had a good last week! A lot of little miracles happened.
I'll just start with the trivial things first... Thanks for the McDonalds gift card, mom! It has been muoy helpful! I got a jacket to layer with my rain coat. That's actually part of a miracle. I got to wrap presents this week and get to wrap more on Tuesday! I love to wrap presents! The vents in our car are broken, so we have to drive with the windows down so that the window doesn't get foggy. It's a fun time during a cold rain storm! :) Luckily we are taking it in to get fixed tomorrow.
Speaking of rain, it has been super rainy. But lots of times it's not really raining. It's just really humid. Like you're walking outside and you can feel water droplets on your face, but it's not raining... It's really weird. Then all your clothes are slightly moist. So, that's cool... ;)
Now to the good stuff.
1. We weren't having very many member meals... Like ever. But Sister Titus paid fast offerings last week and people just called us to see if we could have dinner. Then we had the next two weeks of meals planned. That was cool.
2.We went grocery shopping last Monday and met a member there. We were going to go hiking around her house after shopping. So she was walking around the store with us. We got a lot of stuff. Like really a lot. I got a jacket and about two weeks worth of food. and Sister Titus got about the same. Then we get to the cash register and this sweet member insisted on buying our groceries. She would not budge. So, she got our groceries. Then took us out to dinner. She is one of the most sweetest, genuine, giving people I have ever met.
3. We were working on contacting all of the former investigators in our area one day. We went to this one address in our records and come to find out the couple had been away on business for about a year and had just got back the night before. They are looking for jobs that can keep them around here, so they can come to church. And he wants to get baptized. And he came to church on Sunday. He has a lot of experiences with the church that were good.Bahhh! So exciting.
4. We went to two baptisms on Saturday. One in our ward and one in the 1st ward. It's just amazing to see there reactions when they come out of the font. I never realized how important and amazing baptism is, but I am constantly reminded by the baptisms we get to go to. The new members have so much faith and have made some big changes. And I love to see them glow, because they know it is true.
Being a missionary is pretty much the bomb. I love it a lot. I have an invitation for y'all. Will you at the end of the day write down how you saw the hand of God in your life? Then will you tell me at the end of the week? I would really like that. :)
Well, I got to go. Have a great week. And look for the miracles. I know they are there. :)
Love, Sister Broadbent

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