Monday, November 25, 2013

Que pasa?‏

Well, this week was a little bit of a struggle. We are having a really hard time finding people to teach. Sometimes being a missionary is hard. But I still love it! Thank you for the letters/emails! They really make me happy! Probably more than is normal, but it's cool...

A few things that happened this past week. Hmmm... You may like to know that I don't like Dr. Pepper anymore, or any carbonated drink for that matter. We went to Mcdonald’s the other day and I got a large Dr. Pepper like I used to. I couldn't drink more than 3/4. It was disgusting. It like burned my esophagus. I've just gotten so used to water. I got orange juice last week and it was gone in approximately two days... So I think I will stick to juice and water from now on.

Sister Titus was cursed by a four year old multiple times. Long story short, he came to church with his dad, but his mom is a wiccan. He was quite aggressive with Sister Titus. So if anything bad happens, you know why... ;)

Don't worry about me on Thanksgiving! We have a lunch 12, Dinch at 2, Dinner at 5, dessert at 7, and something else at 8. So no need to worry on that! I'm excited. We have one of everything: Less-active, active, investigator, part member and active. It will be a good day. They are all really good people.

Look what street I found!
Go Mustangs!!
I have made it through one transfer as a missionary in the field! (a transfer is every 6 weeks) We are staying in Greenville, but Elder Tanner and Sister Robinson are leaving our district. And a bunch more from the zone. We are having a zone party thing today before everyone leaves. So basically we will play sports then go to downtown and sing songs/ do my cotton-eye-joe dance and Irish jig. It will be fun, but we will miss them when they leave. They are great missionaries.

One thing I've been doing this week is reading the Book of Mormon. Elder Bednar said that if we read it with a certain subject in mind and mark everything on that subject, we will understand better and grow closer to God. He also said if we continue doing it we will never fall away from this Gospel. My topic is trust and the blessing that come from trusting in fully in God. I have already learned so much.

Something that stuck out to me today doesn't have to do with trust, but is found in 1 Ne 17:19. This is the chapter that Nephi is commanded to build a boat. Nephi is very trusting and very obedient, so of course he does what he is commanded. When his brothers realize what he is trying to do, they start murmuring/complaining against Nephi. This makes Nephi very sad. Then his brothers rejoice in his sorrow and say, "Wherefore, thou canst not accomplish so great a work." They continue to say all these other things he has done wrong and how foolish he is.

This really hit me because that is not how God talks to his children. That is 110% Satan. And sometimes it is hard to tell who is talking to us when it is really happening. This week I felt a lot of "you can't do this because it's hard and you aren't strong enough" and I had a hard time telling who was talking to me. But when I read this scripture I knew that it was Satan. If sometimes it feels like you are trying your best to keep your covenants and just choose the right, but you still get the little voice that says, "You're not good enough. This is too hard for you. Just quit." Keep going. Ignore it and press on. Because it is not true. Not at all. And you CAN do it. You CAN be a faithful servant of the Lord in all you do. Just read your scriptures, say your prayers, go to church. Just do what you know is true. I know that if you do this that the adversary will have no power over you. You CAN be noble, valiant, courageous, and bold in the world. You CAN. That is why you are here. You were meant to stand out. And I know that if you are always standing in the Lord, you can stand out in the world. And you will be so incredibly happy.

Just trust and have faith, and everything will work out. Just keep doing your best. If you fall, just get back up. Use the atonement with all your heart, then get back up. Heavenly Father will help you through the rejoicing and sorrowful times if you rely on him. I know that this is true.

I love you. And I love being a missionary. Have a good Thanksgiving.

Sister Broadbent :D

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