Wednesday, December 25, 2013

hey bros

This week we did a lot of stuff... I will just give you the day to day rundown... If you don't mind.

Monday: We did all our pday stuff (emails, groceries, etc.) We played basketball/volleyball with the Elders in our district for five-ish hours. We were really sore after that... But we always have fun. I would like Audrey and Janessa to know that my basketball skills are improving rapidly. We will have a competition when I get back and I'll school you both. So, there... :) We also went to Sierra's and Sister Titus taught them how to knit while I worked on the countdown chain. We are making a yearlong countdown chain to when Sierra and Arlin get to go to the temple. It's pretty sick.

Tuesday:  We took our district Christmas picture with our ugly sweaters. I forgot my camera, so you'll have to wait for that gem. We also made up a skit for Christmas zone conference, which is tomorrow. It's pretty sick. We took our car to the shop and got it fixed. YAY for heating! We visited some people then went to the to a member's home for dinner. Then we wrapped some Christmas presents.

Wednesday: We went on exchanges. I stayed in my area and Sister Titus went to Simsponville. We met a lot of people to go back and see. Get this. We knocked into this one guy who we taught half of the restoration to. He agreed with everything and loved it all. We gave him a Book of Mormon, too. As we were leaving he said, "I thought y'all were the Mormons. They are crazy and I don't believe anything they do. That's a weird bunch of people." We just walked away and said we'd come back. I'm excited to see how that goes... We gave him a book of MORMON... So, ya... That's interesting.

Thursday: We visited a lot of less-active members and had dinner with the a family. They are good people who are working on coming back to church.

Friday: We had the ward Christmas party. We made Oreo Truffles for it. It was a good party. A family we have been teaching came which made us so excited. Something funny: a lot of ward members have a hard time remembering my name, so they just say hello to Sister Titus. But Sister Titus can't remember who they are, so she asks me and I know. It's just funny that people don't remember me, but I remember them. And people remember sis Titus, but she doesn't remember them. Ironic...

Saturday: We went to a baptism for a new sister. It was a good one. The Elders in our ward taught her and Sister Titus spoke. I lead the music...again. It's an ongoing joke we have because one time I lead the music and nobody was paying attention and I didn't want to stand up there anymore, so I sat down. And y'all know how I lead music. Now I lead the music all the time... Jank.

Sunday: We went to church and did a bunch of other stuff. We visited some less-actives. We went to the stake choir Christmas thing.

That brings us to today! We are emailing. Then we will go grocery shopping, clean Atticus (our car) and go play sports with the district/ practice our skit. We'll do something later tonight.

I never realized how much planning goes into missionary work. Good plans=good days. Bad plans=bad days. I've been learning a lot about the difference between those two.

have a good week! :)
 Sister Broadbent

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