Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 4

Me and Amanda
Hey y'all! Week 4 of the transfer is over and we are starting week 5. Time goes by so quickly. 

This past week was sort of different. We didn't plan very well, so things didn't quite work out the way we had hoped. Good planning=good days. Mostly... :) At least it usually makes effective days. 

We redid our entire map this week with an updated ward roster and formers and leads. That took forever, but we have a beautiful map now that makes planning A LOT easier. It was worth it. :)

We helped our investigator, Janet, move this week. She gave us so much stuff! We now have approximately 12 boxes of pasta and 5 bottles of spaghetti sauce and a whole bunch of other food and house supplies. It was sad, but good. She is moving to Arizona to get better medical treatment. We had a prayer with her and her boyfriend husband guy before we left. It was so great! Pete (Her man friend) has never prayed out loud with us before and he said the prayer. We have been teaching him, too along the way. In his prayer he said how grateful he was for the things he had been learning. He said that he was finally starting to understand why he is here on earth because of the things we have been teaching him. 

It made me feel so good. Janet said she is going to find the church in Arizona. She's not going back to what she did before she said. 

It was just the greatest. :) I don't think I ever realized how happy I would truly be just hearing people say these types of things. It makes me so happy! :)

The church is true. Stick to it, kids. :)

Love ya! 

Sister Broadbent

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