Monday, April 6, 2015


Hey guys! :)

So..... There is so much crammed into the weeks that I have a hard time remembering what happened. Yep.

Conference was fantastic! We went to the chapel where it was broadcast. It was pretty much just us and the elders and a member of the bishopric. We took our blankets because it is always so cold in the chapel. I am convinced the temperature of the Celestial Kingdom will be the temperature of every LDS chapel. It seems like they are all so cold! Make sure to bring spiritual blankets to Heaven, kids!

I loved conference. I especially loved the Sunday morning session. I had a concern and while I was watching conference I kept thinking about it and having these great ideas. I literally thought to myself, "What are you thinking? You are supposed to be paying attention to conference!" Then I was like, "Wait, what am I doing? This is my revelation!" Then I wrote everything down. It was marvelous.

Learn from me- Accept the promptings of the Holy Ghost! I have been learning a lot about the different ways I feel the Holy Ghost. Sometimes it's a warm feeling. Other times it's a thought. It always leaves a feeling of peace, though. I love it!! :)

So.... I come home next week. That's crazy. I feel like I just came out yet also like I've been a missionary for so long. I'm excited. I'm sad to leave the people I love here. But I'm ready. 

I love y'all! Have a great week! 

Love, Sister Broadbent

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