Monday, March 9, 2015

God answers prayers, kids.

Hey, y'all! :)


This is me and Sister Grover getting ready
to go out and ride our bikes to places :)
The news you've all been waiting for: I'm in Conway now! :) My new companion is Sister Grover. She is from Oakland-ish California. She is pretty cool. I like her. :) Conway is just the next ward inland from Myrtle Beach. They are only about 30 minutes from each other. They are so different, though. Conway is much more like the rest of South Carolina. It's not quite so touristy. And it has a lot more country. It's a nice change. I really miss the people in Myrtle Beach, though. I feel like I've gotten used to leaving people I love, though, because it happens so frequently on a mission... So, I guess it's cool, right? I still miss them. 
It's rather funny that I am here. When I was in Gaston I prayed so hard that I could come to the Conway Ward because that is where my favorite person Amanda lives now. I got to Myrtle Beach and figured that was close enough, but then I actually came to Conway! :) :) We went to see her the other day, but she was sleeping. Hopefully we can go again, soon. :) 
Another reason it is funny is because just this last fast Sunday I fasted for help to be able to start getting in better shape the month of March and so forth. I know kind of a weird fast, but hey God is in the details. And all this southern food hasn't been treating me too well... so, ya. Anyway, I get to Conway and find out we are biking sisters! :) We have a car, too, but we also have bikes. Our area is HUGE and we don't have many miles, so we will be biking quite a bit. Let me tell you, it is sort of strange riding a bike in a skirt... But it's fun!
I'm also excited because it is getting warmer and staying light longer! It is a lot easier to find people to teach when it is warm and light. 
I've learned a lot about prayer the past little while. I've learned that honest and sincere prayers are best. I've learned that when I'm not sure what to say to just tell God about my day and the different things that happened. I've learned that Heavenly Father isn't some mean, angry, spiteful God. He doesn't mince words, but like it says in D&C 121 he shows and increase of love afterwards. Which indicates there was already love there. I've learned even more that prayers truly are heard. They are answered. Sometimes it takes just a couple days to recognize the answer. Sometimes it takes months or years. And sometimes we just flat out don't recognize the answer because they don't always come the way we thought they would. BUT! Our prayers are heard by our loving Heavenly Father. And they are answered. 
Me and the Albrechts! I love them!
The purple horse tie... It's an inside joke. :)

I love y'all! Have a blessed week. :)


Love, Sister Broadbent

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