Monday, March 23, 2015



This week was pretty good! We had corned beef and cabbage twice in honor of St. Patty's day. That was pretty good. I really like cabbage... :)

We started teaching Amanda the temple prep classes. I don't really remember taking them. Honestly, I was terrified of the temple. So, this is good for me, too. They are practically just the same lessons that missionaries teach with a little shazamm added. :) We were hoping she would be able to go to the temple in the next three-ish weeks. But, I'm not sure if that will happen. It was mostly for selfish reasons... :) The first lesson went well. I think it will take a little longer than we were both hoping for though. She is still the Revelations quoting, temple crazy Amanda I taught a year ago in Georgetown! It's good to know some things never change. :)

We got to got to an area that we NEVER get to go to because it is so far away from us. It's a little town called Loris. It is right by the North Carolina border. Of course we got a picture with the border sign. :) We felt like the most obedient rebels. The state border is also the mission border (which we are forbidden to cross). We got to take a picture with it and were still in our area! :) Hopefully, the signs were in the right spots... ;)

The border! :)

While we were up there we were walking down a street to find somebody. We saw this guy and we walked past him at first. Then I thought, "talk to him!" So I said, "Excuse me sir, can we share something with you?" He turned and walked back to us. Turns out he had been pacing the street because of something that has been going on that is causing him a lot of worry. Sister Grover gave him a Book of Mormon and we said a prayer with him on the side of the street- which happens often. After the prayer he said, "God knows when his people need him. Thank you." 

It strengthened my testimony that God truly does KNOW us individually. He knows when we need to feel his love most and when we need a lift. And he will get to us somehow. Whether it is through the tools we have already been given- like prayer, church, and the scriptures. Or often times through other people. He will find a way if we are looking for his love. :)
I love y'all and I hope y'all have a fantastic week!

I love being a missionary. 

Love, Sister Broadbent


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