Monday, March 31, 2014

Change is eminent.‏

So, this week is all a blur. I feel like that most of the time now. I can hardly remember what happened an hour ago, let alone a whole week ago!

It is that time again.... TRANSFERS!!! President called us Saturday and we found out that... Drum roll, please... Sister Roundy is getting transferred to a new area where she will be a Sister Training Leader (its the equivalent to a Zone Leader, but for sisters.) I will be staying in Georgetown and will be getting a new companion. I'm hoping I will be senior companion, then I will be able to drive. Although, I'm not sure if I remember how... It's like riding a bike, right? Hopefully... I feel like I just got to Georgetown with Sister Roundy, but it's been 12 weeks. Time is going by so fast!
So we will go down to Irmo on Wednesday and swap people around. I'm excited to see some other missionaries. Sister Titus is going home. :(

Yesterday was a really good day in church. It was Fast Sunday. We were surprised by a couple things.
1. Bosco came to church!! He had promised us a really, really long time ago that he would come. And he finally did! I almost didn't recognize him. He cleans up pretty good. It was so great.
2. Sister Clark came to church, too!! She is a less active we have visited a couple times. She hasn't come to church in 10 years. We were so surprised. Then guess what? She bore her testimony!! In it she said how grateful she was that we kept trying to see her, that we didn't give up on her. 
3. Amanda bore her testimony!! She doesn't like to be in front of people. But she bore her testimony. She is doing fantastic. She is just like a sponge and she loves coming to church. In her testimony she said how grateful she is for us and how much she loves us, her missionaries. I never thought I would be somebody's "missionary." 

And the women's broadcast was saturday. I hope y'all were able to watch it. It was very good. If you haven't had a chance to watch, I highly recommend it. I really enjoyed it and I can't wait for conference next weekend. 

Between church and the broadcast I have really felt that my Heavenly Father is pleased and proud of the hard work I am doing here in Georgetown. It was a very much needed reminder. Sometimes I forget that I'm not a half bad missionary. 

That was this week. Or at least what I remember most! I hope you have a good week! This time next week you will know my new position for the next transfer. Wish me luck! Love ya! :)

Love, Sister Broadbent.

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