Friday, April 11, 2014

Transfers week... AHHHH!!!‏

So, this last week was transfers week. AKA the hardest weeks ever. I am still in Georgetown. My new companion is Sister Seaman. She is from Sacramento, California.
My new comp, Sister Seaman, and me in front of the temple.
She was in my zone when I was in Greenville.
Sister Roundy is now in Fort Jackson. They just barely did away with Traveling Sisters. They were like Assistants to the President, but sisters. Anyway They are always in Fort Jackson. I like to think Sister Roundy is an AP... I was able to see Sister Titus and give her a big, giant hug at transfers, too. I love her so much.
We went to ZTM these week also, which was in North Charleston. We did a lot of driving this week!

Mostly I've just been adjusting to the changes. I am not senior companion. Therefore, I still don't get to drive. It's a humbling experience... 

The Columbia, South Carolina temple!!
We drove by it on the way home from transfers. 
I hope y'all were able to watch conference. It was so great! I can't wait for the conference ensign to come out, so I can read them over and over again. I think my favorite was Elder Bednar's. It was about the Atonement and how it covers every single heartache we may have. Like when you are a missionary, and have no idea what you are doing. Or when your son is in the hospital and you have to be with him and still work at the same time. Or when you have to give up a scholarship, so you can do something better. Or when one of your good friends passes away. Or when school is really stressful and your job isn't working out. The Atonement of Jesus Christ can and will strengthen you when these and more burdens are placed on your back. We just have to ask for help, and have the faith that the help and strength will come. Like Elder Bednar said, too, sometimes the load gives us the traction to get home. 

I love General Conference. And I love being a missionary. Y'all have a good week, k? Love ya! :)

Sister Broadbent.

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