Wednesday, March 12, 2014

beepo bopo... mmmm... yep

So this week. Hmmm... Nothing real exciting happened! It was cold most of the week. It rained for three days straight, too! Spring here is like a roller coaster! The weekends are nice and warm- like 70ish degrees, but the rest of the week is rainy and real cold- like 40ish degrees. Don't get jealous when I say 40 degrees is cold because cold here is different than cold in Utah. It's a wet cold, so it just goes straight through ya! It's crazy! You can be jealous about the 70 degrees though... ;) Just give it a couple more months and it will be really hot and humid!

We have been working really hard to find new people to teach. This week was kind of weird. We didn't really feel like we were doing anything throughout the actual week, but when we totaled our numbers we saw how hard we actually had been working. It was weird. Our numbers were the highest this week than they ever have been. Sometimes life is like that, I guess! It doesn't really feel like anything is happening, but when you really look back a lot of progress has been made.

Hmmm... What can I tell y'all about. Oh! Last week met a guy and his wife at a restaurant. He asked if we were ordering a lot of margaritas and if we were waiting for some boy friends. We told him no on both counts. Then he bought our dinner, and said we could come by his house sometime to see him and his wife because he sure liked "that Romney guy." So we went to his house this week. That was interesting! He is 78 years old and was a captain in the navy- He's not really any religion and he said he doesn't trust anyone who doesn't drink... But his wife is Catholic and had just got home from ash wednesday. She had a big black circle on her forehead from the ashes they rub on their heads. Sister Roundy and I both thought she had gotten shot... oops... She said it is a sign of repentance.

Hmm... What else? Oh! We always have lunch with the Lee family right after church on Sundays. They just live right by the church so we walk over. But last week they asked if there is anything we like that we don't get very often. I said very exuberantly, "Chicken purlo!" And guess what? This week we get there and there is a big pot of chicken purlo with sausage just for me! The sausage is a big deal because they don't like sausage in their purlo. I'm going to let y'all wonder what purlo is, but take my word- it is delicious. I am well taken care of. You never need to worry. :D

I can't think of anything else significant to tell y'all. But I love ya! And I hope ya have a good week! :)

cordially, Sister Broadbent. -Movie quote for Katherine Spackman right there! Cordially? get it? I love ya!

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