Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happenings of December 30, 2013

On our hike
We went with the Hammonds on an adventure in the "mountains" most of the day. We hiked to a bunch of waterfalls. They were all super pretty! I love the Hammonds. They are great people. We were about 10 miles from the North Carolina border, so pretty far north! Definitely the country. There are still some people out in the boonies that fly a confederate flag. Good ol' SC! I love it. I haven't worn jeans in so long. One thing I failed to tell you on Christmas was that I have the sickest calf muscles in all the land because we walk so much.
Ceasar's Head
Beautiful twin waterfalls

Us and Sister Hammond on our hike today.
She is the bomb.

 Andrea got baptized on Saturday. That went well. She was so excited to get baptized. She kept running around in her jumpsuit round house kicking the air and saying, "I know karate!!" So, ya... She was super excited.
Us at Andrea's baptism.
It's got a big white thing because
 she was being a ninja.
This is the best one we got.
I feel like we skyped about seven years ago, but it was just this last Wednesday. I was so glad I got to see y'all. The fried turkey was very good. We went caroling in downtown that night again. We are on lockdown on new years eve. I think it starts at 7ish... So we will probably just watch Legacy. AKA the greatest show in all the land. It's super cheesy and over dramatic. Just the way I like it!
Hmmm... Transfer calls are this Saturday. EEK!! We will find out who will be staying and who will be leaving this area. I have mixed feelings. Our district thinks Sister Titus will leave, but our ward thinks she will stay. We'll see how it goes.
I don't really have anything else to tell y'all... So, I love ya! And I'll talk to ya next Monday! By then I will know my fate for the next transfer... It'll be fine.
Oh! Something to be excited about. After this week I will be done with training. Woot, woot! It's crazy how fast the last three months have gone by. I've been a missionary for three months. CRAZY!! :) I love it!
Peace and blessings, Sister Broadbent

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