Monday, November 18, 2013

I sent you pictures first!

Just a road we drove down that
was super pretty and fall-y a
couple weeks ago
This week has been fantastic. We had a bunch of meetings so we didn't get to talk to new people much, but it was still good. I'm trying to remember all the things I did this week.

Me and Sister Ramstedt in Simpsonville

Well, on Tuesday I went on my first exchanges  ever with Sister Ramstedt in Simpsonville. Basically it's a missionary sleep over and we work with other sisters in their areas for a day. Its a good way to get ideas. It was pretty fun. We knocked on the door of this one guy who seemed really interested and we taught him the first lesson (the restoration) on his porch. The end was a little awkward because as we were praying his wife drove into the driveway. But other than that it was good! I think the Simpsonville sisters were going to go visit him again.

I also had my first interview with President Holm this week! He is very nice and very concerned about all his missionaries, but he is very one on one. The meeting went well. He asked me if I have been obedient, and I said yes. He then told me that he knew I was an obedient missionary from the moment he met me at the airport. So, ya. No pressure there... He is really a good guy though.

We went to help a less active move out and she
totally had an old school push lawn mower!
I'm not sure why I’m standing the way I am...
One of my worries was that we were going to be orphans on Thanksgiving because nobody had signed up to feed us/ have us over. However, we got a call on Wednesday and got invited over to a member’s house for dinner. I was super excited! Then on Thursday we got another invitation for dinner on Thanksgiving. So, we will be going around seeing people and have a couple dinners at least. We won't be orphans! Prayers are answered!

We went to the relief society president’s house for a
meeting. She has a Mastiff, it was the biggest dog ever!
 His name is Mark.

The best part of this week was that we got to see an apostle. Guess who it was? David A. Bednar! It was so good. We drove down to Columbia and met with the whole mission, about 250 missionaries. Then we asked him questions and he answered them for three hours. It was great. One of the things I got most from it was that we need to jump out of the boat. What does that mean? Well, when Peter was so scared to get out of the boat and trust on Christ to walk on the water, he still did it. But as soon as he moved his vision from Christ and looked at the water he fell in. The same is for us. We need to identify our boat, the thing that is holding us back from growing toward Christ, and we need to have the faith and the trust that we will not fall. If we keep our eyes locked on Christ we will not fall.

We will struggle, but we won't drown. Maybe just choke down a little bit of water. But he will not let us drown if we are trying our best to follow him and are always making that conscience effort. I know that if we take that leap of faith to jump out of the boat, the water beneath our feet will be firm. And if it seems like every time you jump you always fall in, look back and see the little increments of growth in the struggle, and keep trying.

One time we went to the temple.

Sister Titus and I at the Columbia SC Temple
Because the more you keep at it the little increments of growth that come through the struggle will become big increments. And you will be able to walk on the water without a problem. As Jesus Christ's representative I promise you that you will not drown. You will not. I promise you that if you jump out of your boat, you will be carried by the wings of angels across the water. Just have faith and trust in Jesus Christ because in him we cannot fail. We can only succeed.

I hope that made sense... I love you all. Jump out of the boat!

Sister Broadbent :)

Sometimes on Sunday nights, we have a hard time focusing.
We go to church for three hours, come home have lunch, and then
do studies for another three hours. Sometimes it’s a struggle ;)

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