Monday, November 4, 2013

Sooo... This week. Hmm...

Sooo... This week. Hmm... So many things happen and then I get to the library and I can't remember the good ones.

Today we are going to play some sports with our zone in Easley, which is like a 30 minute drive. That will be fun. We also go grocery shopping, have to clean the apartment, do all our studies, and go out at 6 for prime time. So, pday is really only from 10 to 6. It's not a lot of time.

Our zone at a Zone Meeting, Greenville North
Some exciting things: They have these restaurants here that are called Bojangles. Isn't that the funnest word to say? Bojangles... :) It's sorta like KFC, but more fast foody. In a couple months we will be a Facebook mission! I will use my old facebook. I just have to make it all missionary-like. We are getting Ipad minis also. So we will have all the scriptures, manuals, videos, etc. and they will be ours for our mission. We will be able to purchase them at the end if we want. So that is cool! Now the most exciting! President gave us permission to go to the temple sometime this month! Hurrah for Israel! That never happens. We only get to go to the temple for certain reasons, which don't happen very often. But since the new movie came out he wants all the missionaries to see it. So hopefully we can find a member to take us to the temple. Word of advice: drive the missionaries around. We only have a certain amount of miles we can go a month depending on where we are. Sister Titus and I have 1200 miles because we have a very large area. But miles are stressful. So help the missionaries out.

We came home and this
lizard was just on the post by the door.

We are still working on finding people to teach. We've mostly been working on visiting less-actives in the ward. On Halloween we were on lock down and had to be in our apartment at 7. Crazy people are out at night, let alone on Halloween night. So we stayed inside and worked some more on our map/ ate a bunch of junk food. We also watched some of these super cheesy videos made in the 80s that missionaries use to teach. We just like to laugh at them!

I really love meeting all these new people! I love meeting the ward. I love meeting people on the side of the road who don't really want to listen to us. I love meeting people who kindly decline our message. And I really love meeting the few people who actually listen and want to know! That's the best! 

 So, They have very large spiders here.  
We were knocking at night and found that massive spider.
 As if knocking at night isn't scary enough! It was on the door frame.

Well, I've got to go. I love ya'll and I'll talk to ya in a few. :) Have a blessed day. (That's something one frequently hears here)

Sister Broadbent

Me and Sister Titus

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