Monday, October 13, 2014

What even happened this week?‏

Honestly, I'm not really sure what even happened this week... It all just blurs together. Thank goodness for planners!

It seems as though I am in a stretching part of my mission right now. Things just seem to be harder. But I am grateful for those stretching moments. They help me to grow and become better. 

We had interviews with President Turner this week, so we drove to Florence- about an hour and a halfish. We are on the outskirts here in Myrtle Beach! 

We saw Sam- a less active member who got baptized a while ago in Georgetown. Did I tell y'all that Georgetown is just thirty minutes south of Myrtle Beach? Lots of people are from there/ have family there. It's a cool connection to have with them. I actually know where things are down there/ different people. Anyway, we went to see Sam with another member, Sharell. They were perfect for each other. Then, Sam came to Book of Mormon class the next day! She hasn't stepped foot inside a church in at least 3 years! That was big.

We met two super awesome people this week- Rick and Tina. They just moved out of a bad part of town, so they could get away from the drugs and other things. They are trying to get back on their feet and do the right things. They are on date to be baptized for November 22. Tina is so sweet and very interested.

This week I learned even more that Satan don't kick no dead dog. Terrible grammar, I know, but you won't remember it otherwise. When we try to change and follow Jesus Christ more, it may seem like everything is falling apart. When people say it is hard to be good, it is true. And that is because Satan sees our desire to be good and to do good, so he is going to do everything he can to stop us from trying. When we are already doing bad he doesn't have to worry about making it worse for us because he already has got us in a trap. So, when you are trying to be better, but it feels like the world is crashing down around you, keep pushing. Know that Jesus Christ won't give up on you. It may be hard now, but giving up can only give momentary happiness through worldly things. If you will keep trying, keep pushing to become more like Jesus Christ you will gain the kind of happiness that lasts for eternity.

Have a good week! Don't give up the fight! You can do it!

Love, Sister Broadbent

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