Monday, October 6, 2014

The life of a sister missionary.‏

Hey y'all! Another week has gone by here in Myrtle Beach. We have been pretty busy it feels like. We are dropping most of our investigators this week, though. So we will be on the prowl for new ones that are willing to put in their end of the work!

Just a few random stories...

Brother Didio is a less active member we are working with. He is great. He came to a session of conference, too! PS BTW they broadcast conference to the different chapels. So that's where we went to watch it. Anyway, Bro Didio is doing really good. He hasn't smoked in a week! He relapsed a bit, but he is going to try again. He said conference made him feel stronger to quit.

Tiffany Lopez. She is a nine year old girl whose mother is a member. We are teaching her and she pretty much knows it all. So, that's cool. I like teaching kids a lot because it seems like they understand the message better. And it is really good practice to learn how to teach more simply.

Now, General Conference. It was fantastic. I'm not sure if I can pinpoint my favorite talk because there were so many good ones. It answered many questions I have been having lately. It was the most powerful conference I have had on my mission. It is somewhat weird to me that I have had three conferences on my mission now. Weird... I think the thing that stood out to me the most this conference is that Heavenly Father is so very aware of each individual. He is aware of my strugglings just as much as he is aware of yours.. His only desire is to have us gain immortality and eternal life. However, He will not make us do something we ourselves do not desire. It is our choice. It has ALWAYS been our choice. He is there to listen and to answer our questions. Often times when we feel we aren't receiving answers it is because our hearts are closed to his counsel. And it is our choice to open our hearts or not. Of course, it takes time and is hard work to learn to rely on the Lord and to not let our hearts harden. But if we are consistent and try the best we can, it will happen.  I advise you to not get discouraged when it may not happen as quickly as you feel it should. It is a life-long journey.

Have a great week! Watch conference again. Study and ponder the talks that can be found online on They will further bless you and you will gain a greater understanding of your purpose in this life. 

Love ya! 

Sister Broadbent

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