Monday, June 2, 2014

AHHHHHHH!!! *picture me riding a rollercoaster*‏

This week was crazy! In more ways than one. There were a lot of high points. A lot of low points. A lot of hilarious points. And a lot of serious points. Basically, it was a roller coaster.We will start with the funny parts.

First off- Sister Christensen and I scared the other sisters super bad! One night, spur of the moment, we got home and snuck around our trailer and knocked on the door and hid while they were in there. They got scared. Then the next night we came home before them and left the front door opened to make it look like some one had broke in. Then we hid in the closest. They came home and it was so funny! They ran back out to their car screaming when they saw the door was opened. Then we snuck around and jumped on the back of their car. HAHA! :) funniest thing of my life. Sister Christensen peed her pants because she was laughing so hard... :)

I got to go on exchanges with Sister Roundy this week. That was a lot of fun. It was cool to see how much both of us have grown since we were companions a couple months ago. It felt like we were just back to being companions again. Best exchange ever!

It rained a lot this week. Like torrential downpour. And Sister Christensen loves the rain. So she forced me outside to go tracting. We got around the corner from our trailer, maybe a blockish and we looked like drowned rats. We knocked on one door and went back home to change. Then Sister Christensen peed her pants again... :) What can I say, I'm just good at making people laugh hard...

 We have been working quite a bit with less active members lately. We have seen some miracles in that work, too. We visited Sister Frye whom I had never met. She has never agreed to let the missionaries teach her the lessons, but we asked her a different way this time. And she agreed! I was able to go back the next day with Sister Roundy and start the first lesson and we were able to get to one of her concerns. It was a miracle.

Then there is Brother Wells. He has been less active for 20+ years. Missionaries have been going over there for forever. However, he never lets them in or talks to them. One time we took one of the members in our ward to see him spontaneously and he let us in! He told us he and his wife would feed us sometime. So like a week later we went back to check on him and the first thing that came out of my mouth was, "So, you still up for that steak dinner?" He looked shocked that we actually came back and so boldly invited ourselves over. We set it up and went back later in the week. It was probably one of the best member meals I have had on my mission. They made big slabs of steak, potatoes, and broccoli and other super good things. We had so much fun with them. His wife isn't a member and he has been less active for so long. Not to mention he had never, that we know of, fed the missionaries. So we just got to be friends with them. We laughed and had fun. No pressure. It was really good. He said he wants to feed us again in June, and was worried that one of us would get transferred before then. We assured him that wouldn't happen. It just worked out so perfectly.

We visited another less active that nobody knew anything about. We had tried her a couple times and hadn't had any luck. But this time she was outside working. We started talking to her and she said she is coming to church this next week. She went with her active parents in Lexington with her kids for the first times in their lives. They loved primary. So now she will be coming back to church! It was really good we were able to talk with her. She was worried because she didn't know anyone or where anything was in our ward. It worked out perfectly.

Some crazy things happened for both me and my companion this week that we couldn't control. It was very stressful. We may or may not have had a break down at church yesterday... It was rough, but we made it through. We both learned something. It's okay to not always be happy. It's okay to have bad days and bad weeks even. It's okay to have an emotional breakdown in the bathroom right before sacrament. You know why? Because we are human. And sometimes being human is hard. There is a Mormon Message of a talk by Joseph B Wirthlin about how Sunday will come. Y'all should check it out. It's just about how Friday can be really hard and feel like we can't get through the day, but Sunday will come. I don't explain it very good, so you should watch it.

That's my week pretty much. I love ya. And I love being a missionary. Have a blessed week.
Love, Sister Broadbent
PS. Strange food of the week that I tried: hash. It looked disgusting, but it wasn't half bad.  

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