Monday, May 5, 2014

A week of firsts...‏

A lot of things happened for the first time this week! Let me tell y'all about them.

1. I got to drive!! It was kind of nerve wracking since I haven't driven in a good bit. You should be glad to know that I still remember how. I got to drive because I went on an exchange with a sister who is waiting for her visa to go to Brazil. Visa waiters aren't allowed to drive. I forgot how much I enjoy driving...
2. You know how last week I told you I had never witnessed somebody speak in tongues? Yep, can't say that anymore... That was creepy. We were saying a prayer then he just started "speaking tongues" in the middle of the prayer. I'd be okay if it didn't ever happen again...
3. We caught a frog! There are almost always frogs on the road we live on at night. Especially if it has been humid. So, I caught him in a Tupperware and he planned for the next day with us. Then he escaped from the Tupperware in our house... Luckily we were able to catch him again.
4. We helped two people weed their gardens. We had to basically force them to let us help. People seem to think we can't weed in skirts. Little do they know when you're a sister missionary you perfect pretty much any activity in a skirt. 
5. One of my best friends named Amanda Barnhill moved to Conway... :(
6. We are going to Brookgreen Gardens today. It's a big park with a bunch of awesome sculptures and animals. A nice man in our branch got us tickets. 

We have been searching for service opportunities a lot this week. Knocking hasn't really been working out in regards to finding people. We thought serving others might be a better way. And so far it has worked! It's super neat to see the peoples' attitude change when they realize we just want to help them, that we aren't going to make them be baptized if we pull a weed or two. Then they are nice and more open to conversation. If you are having any problem getting along with anybody, or just aren't sure how to show someone you care, serve them. I know it's cliche. But it really works. Everybody is dealing with some sort of trial/adversity in their life and sometimes all it takes is knowing somebody still cares enough to help. It also makes a difference when they know you aren't expecting anything in return. I just love helping people!

I love y'all. And I hope ya have a good week! Can't wait for mothers day :)

Love, Sister Broadbent

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