Monday, February 3, 2014

Yo, Yo, Yo!

This week there was a storm that came through. It was so cold! And icy. There was a half inch layer of ice on everything. Our car was frozen shut... It was crazy! But an adventure... You know how I feel about adventure... I LOVE IT!!

We got to go to Chick-fil-A this week! That made us happy! The closes one to us is about a 45 minute drive from our house in an area we don't get to work in much because it is so far away. So that was a good thing from this week! Sometimes when you're a missionary its the simple things that matter... ;)

So because it was so cold this week we didn't get to see many people- Most people just stayed inside and told us to come back when the ice melted... BUT nothing can stop the work from progressing! We saw our investigator. We had to push her baptism back a couple weeks to the 22 because of some stuff. It's good that its a couple weeks away. It will give her more time to study and think things through. We have only been teaching her for a couple weeks anyway. This is just good. Rushing into baptism isn't a good idea for her. So this is good.

Funny missionary story:
We were knocking this one street close to the beach. On one side there was really loud mariacha music playing. At the same house there was a man cutting someone elses hair and another guy round house kicking the car... Yep! It was funny. Guess you had to be there.

On the same street we knocked into this older guy who was as drunk as could be! Man. As we are trying to talk to him the 17 people in his trailer are yelling at the tv- I think they were watching Maury- and he is crazy! He started weeping and then said, "Jesus is a bad dude. All I want is to have a beer and shoot a game of pool with him." ooohh, buddy... I think you've already had one too many beers. We talked with him some more and said a prayer. Well, he said the prayer... Hahaha! It was definitely from the heart. :) Kids- Say no to drugs.

Well, that's pretty much this week in a nutshell. I love being a missionary! And I know that this work will keep moving forward no matter what. If it's cold, hot, humid, rainy, etc. It will keep going. I love being a part of it all. Have a good week and do your best to follow Jesus Christ and everything will work out. :) Love ya!

Sister Broadbent

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