Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gee willickers this was quite the week!

A lot of stuff happened. I'll just start at the beginning.

It was warm this week! I don't think I wore my coat outside once. That was a blessing to finally see some sun! We actually had to turn our AC on one day. Crazy weather!
The night we had no power and almost froze to death!

Tuesday and Wednesday I was sick with a head cold that had been going around, so we didn't get much done. This is what happened on those days:

Tuesday- We went to Hardees (the same as Carls Jr) with Sister Price and her son Kevin for dinner. Guess what? There was like an old folk bluegrass band set up in the corner. There were microphones, speakers, sound boards, etc. all set up. I got so excited! The band was just getting there and finished setting up. We sat right next to the equipment and it took all I had not to just go roll up the mic cords. I was a happy camper. Then these old people just started singing like pasty cline and jonny cash type songs. Right there in the Hardees! Haha! It made me happy :) Everyone thought I was crazy... That's the way I like it!

Wednesday- We went and helped John pick up a bunch of limbs that had fallen from the ice storm. John is a funny guy. He is 70 and is Amanda's dad. He is really against the church, but he likes us. We are working on him. Not sure if he will ever join the church, but he has gotten better. Well, he knew I was sick before and he was just so worried about me. He gave me some medicine and called to check on me in the morning. He calls me cutie pie and sister Roundy redneck... Not sure how I got my name, but Sister Roundy got hers because she drives a truck back home. He is a funny guy! Definitely a character to remember. 

We also helped Bosco and Jo pick up limbs on Monday. Bosco and Jo live down the street from us. They are funny people. an older couple. like mid to late 50s. and we go and visit them. Bosco always warns us of the swamp ape that lives behind our trailer supposedly.  Oh! and possums too. They aren't real interested in learning more, but we check up on them. After we helped him for a while he got us some dinner. Then we went to the church and picked up limbs from there!  I've worn pants more in the past two weeks between the storm and helping people than I have in 5 months! Appreciate what you've got, kids... :)

Thursday- can't remember.
Friday- Daya  got baptized. The elders taught her. She is 15 and is the first one in her family to get baptized. She is a very courageous and sweet girl. 

Saturday- We had some plans to work in Pawley's Island, but felt we needed to go check out a referral we had got that lives in Murrels Inlet. So, we went out there. We met Doug and Julie Cummins. They just moved from Maryland and had been meeting with some Elders up there. They said they really loved and respected those elders. They were real busy, but they want us to come back and teach them more. 

Get this- they moved into a house right down the street from a less-active sister we have been trying to see forever, but she never answers the door. We went and tried her since we were out there. She answered the door!! It was awesome. She has gone through a lot in the past couple years, but things are finally starting to look up. She wants us to come back and help her with some things in her house. The cool thing was that I shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon and she just started bawling. The spirit was so strong. Heavenly Father really does know what we need. He knows you and he loves you. He will find a way to get the message you need to hear to you. 

Then that night Amanda got baptized!! We were a little worried about her getting in and out of the font because she is blind and has a messed up ankle, but it all worked out just perfect. And she only had to go under once. Both the elders were in there to help her and make sure she went under all the way. It was just a really good baptism. A bunch of the ladies from Relief Society came and a bunch of her non-member family came from Conway. Oh! also, her mom has been real sick, but she came anyway. The elders just asked if she wanted a blessing and she said yes. Come to find out Amanda had been praying for a way that her mom could get a blessing. Man... I just love being a missionary! 
Me, Amanda, Sister Roundy and Amanda's sister in the back.

She got confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and was given the Holy Ghost Sunday. So was Daya. They both were just so happy. Amanda couldn't stop smiling! It was a really, really great day. It was very hard to teach Amanda. She definitely  tested our knowledge, patience, and testimonies. But we were able to see the Holy Ghost change her heart and her motives. She is an awesome lady. And I love her a lot. 

So, that's basically what happened this week... :) That's probably one of the longest emails I have sent in a while. But I hope you liked it. Have a good week! 

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