Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ice storms are real, kids.

Not sure where this picture was
taken, but I liked it.
This picture was taken in Conway, South Carolina
which is 37 miles north of Georgetown
This week was crazy! A super bad ice storm came through on Wednesday and totally obliterated South Carolina. We didn't get it half as bad as the further inland cities, though. Our power was out for 2 days. There are still people in Georgetown who don't have power and lots of power still out further inland. The first night we just roughed it. Lots of layers and blankets! The second night Sister Holm found out we didn't have power and were just sitting in our trailer. She told us we had to leave and find somewhere to go to stay warm. So, we found out our Branch President had power and he let us stay most of Thursday and the night. It was crazy. There are trees and branches all over the place! I didn't even get any good pictures... We were in survival mode. But we are good now! Good thing Sister Holm told us to leave, otherwise we might have froze in that trailer! 

Somewhere in South Carolina (I think).
 I'm not really sure what else to tell y'all about this week. The storm was the most exciting thing. We helped Bosco move limbs from his mom's house. That was an adventure! 
ummm.... Amanda is still getting baptized this Saturday. They announced it in sacrament and a bunch of people told us they already thought she was a member. She's pretty awesome! 

That's pretty much this week in a nutshell... I love ya!

Sister Broadbent :) 

A special note from Sister Broadbent's mom: when I was was updating this week's entry, I thought it would be good to include some pictures even though Missy wasn't able to send any. I  found these on the internet (good old google) and included them. I searched south carolina ice storm and these were a few of the images I found. What a weird weather year! There was more snow in South Carolina than in Cache Valley, Utah! And, I have no idea who Bosco is.

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