Saturday, February 15, 2014


You may ask why the subject title is what it is. Well, it's because I really love the Book of Mormon. And also because I feel hip when I use hashtags. I'm not really sure what the new thing in the world is, so I'll just be the noob that uses hashtags after they are cool... :) Anyway, I really, really love the Book of Mormon. It contains so much power.

This week has been good here in Georgetown. Lots of good things are happening!

You want to buy some pass along cards?
This is our front yard
Georgetown's water tower... It sure is a character city

We have been working hard with Amanda. She had her baptismal interview with the District Leader yesterday and it was a long one- a whole hour. Usually they only take 15- 20 minutes tops. So that was a little nerve wracking, but she passed! We are still planning on the 22. The Elders in our branch have someone on date as well who is pretty solid. I don't know if I told you this, but there were only 3 baptisms the entire year of 2013 in the branch. And it was all one family. So something is happening. I'm excited!

Amanda is mostly blind, so she can't read. She knows the Bible (especially Revelations) very well though. This brought up a lot of questions that in the whole scheme of things didn't really matter. BUT we downloaded the Book of Mormon onto her kindle so she could listen to it. She started it on Tuesday and is already to Helaman. And she loves it. The change has been so noticeable in her. Her questions aren't very crazy anymore, she understands concepts easier, and she isn't argumentative hardly at all anymore. She seems much more content with her life. She told us the other day that she has found victory through tragedy. She still has serious heart ache in her life, but she seems okay with it. She is okay with the fact that life isn't easy, because she knows it will all work out. I love her so much!!

Guess what else happened? She said she knows it is the word of God!! :D I never thought I would be so happy to hear someone say they know the Book of Mormon is true. And she prayed out loud with us there the other day. I never thought these things would make me so happy, but they do! I love being a missionary and I love seeing the people we teach have a complete and total change in countenance because they have found that it is true for themselves. When you can actually see a change in their eyes. AHHH!!! I love it! :)
The sunset from yesterday going over the bridge to Maryville

Read the Book of Mormon, kids! I know that it will make your life brighter. And if you study it with all sincerity I know you will be able to see the power that it has to change how you act, think, and dream. I know that the Book of Mormon is the true word of God. It is truly another testament of Jesus Christ. And I love it.

Stay cool, kids. Have a good week. Talk to strangers. :)
Over and out- Sister Broadbent

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