Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What a week!

It has been a good week. I feel like a lot has happened, but not much at all! First off, I just found out that my little brother, Trevor, is going to the Spain Madrid mission! He leaves a month and a half before I get home. I am so excited for him!! And because I just found that out I can't remember anything that happened this week... So, yep. If this is a little scattered that is why. 
Transfers were this week! I got a new companion- Sister Peatross. She is from Duchesne, Utah and will be done with her mission in December. I am going to be in Myrtle Beach for forever! It's a good place to be for a while, though! I am driving because she has driven a lot her whole mission and doesn't want to drive anymore. I am grateful. It will help me to get to know the area quicker. It has surprised me how well I do know the area though! Especially for only being here six weeks. And Myrtle Beach is city. I'm just proud of myself! I like her! She is nice and is a great missionary. She was just companions with Sister Christensen, and I guess Sister Christensen told her all about me... So that is sorta awkward... :)

Look at my new companion! Her name is Sister Peatross-
rhymes with tetris. I got that cool coat for free!
And it is an LL Bean one. Pretty good deal, I'd say. :)
In testimony meeting yesterday three people I have been working with got up and bore their testimonies. It was the greatest thing! Ivor got baptized right before I got here. Kalee got baptized in July, but is terrified of talking in front of people. And Nemi is a returning member who has PTSD from serving in the air force. She doesn't do well with big crowds or new people, and she has a lot of things she is working through. But she got up there and bore the sweetest testimony. I think it scared her more afterward when everybody kept telling her how well she did! It was a good Sunday! Oh! Also Ivor got the priesthood! :) He was so excited. 
Me and one of my favorite people, Amanda
We found a member whose records aren't in the roster. That was really cool! He was very nice. I went to bed at 9:30 Halloween night. It was nice to go to bed a little earlier. We already have two dinners planned for Thanksgiving. 
 And.... Now we are getting kicked off the computers at the library because they are broken. So... I hope you all have a great week! And I will try and figure out a way to email some more later today. Because I still have 30 minutes left of email time! Where there is a will there is a way... Right? Sure... 

Love ya!
Love, Sister Broadbent. :)

Random Foods...‏
Just thought you might like to know I ate sushi and chitlins over the past couple weeks... Yep. Not sure if I would ever eat them again by my own choice...

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