Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Faith is like a little seed... if planted it will grow!

Hey y'all! It's P-day again. It has been a good week in Myrtle Beach. It has been cold. I think I've worn my boots and coat everyday this week. But the work must go on!  

Well, to start off, three and a half people came to church! It was fantastic. It hasn't happened in a very long time. Carnell came. He is from Jamaica and just called up the missionaries and wanted to learn more. He works all the time, but he was able to get this Sunday off. Rick and Tina came. I've probably told y'all about them before, but I can't remember... So we found them when Sister Stolworthy was here and have been working with them for a while it seems. They always say they will come to church, but never did. Until this week! They didn't tell us they were coming and they were a little late. It was the primary program, so it was packed. I just happened to look back and who should walk in? Rick and Tina. and they brought a friend. It was great. Rick, Tina, and Carnell all loved it. All the members we have taken to lessons with them went and talked to them. It really strengthened my faith in member work. Because sometimes it is a lot more hassle to take members, but it just works so much better in the end.

The half person that came to church was Tiffany. She is a weird situation... Her mom is a spanish member, and they live out of our area, but she requested for the sisters to teach her daughter. The whole time we thought Tiffany was 9, but turns out she is still 8. So, technically the missionaries aren't responsible for her. However, she is getting baptized a day after her 9th birthday. We have been trying to figure out where we fit into the situation. It's a work in progress...

I have become comfortable with not knowing what I am doing ever. I never have any idea what I am doing. I kind of just wing it all... It used to be very stressful never knowing what was going on, but now I'm okay with it. I feel like I have gone through this "stressed not knowing what I'm doing" thing in each of my areas, but eventually I get comfortable with it. It's okay to not know what is going to happen, just do your best to prepare and and it will all work out.

Something that has stood out to me this week is the fact that we need to continually take care of our faith. It is just like a seed. If we water it and give it sunlight and good soil it will grow big and strong. But if we forget to do those things, it will wilt and die. I think it is also important to recognize that not everybody's plant of faith is the same size. And that is okay. We just need to work on making our own individual plant grow tall. Everybody is on a different spiritual level. So, don't get down when your neighbor has a taller plant than you. Just try your best to help your plant grow and rejoice in every centimeter that is gained. If you want to check out more about faith like seeds read Alma 32: 28-43. It's a great section. Studying it will in turn help your plant to grow. So, it's a win win situation. AKA do it. :)

I hope you all have a fantastic week and are able to do the little things such as scripture study, prayer, church, etc. to keep your plant of faith growing strong. 

Love ya! 

Love, Sister Broadbent. 

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