Saturday, August 30, 2014

Alma 32:27

This has been an interesting week. We will just start with the part that sticks out the most.

Once upon a time, my companion, Sister Orr had bad back problems. We have been going to a chiropractor that is a member in our ward. He is into all natural things- some refer to him as a witch doctor. But most of the things work. So he told Sister Orr a liver cleanse might help. Me being the greatest companion ever did it with her. We drank prune juice and pure grape juice and water ALL day. We decided that in Hell the only thing they have to drink is prune juice and the cheap kind of toilet paper. Yep. That was an experience! We were both so grateful to have two bathrooms in our trailer. It took us a couple days to recover.

Sister Orr's back hasn't been doing much better. That with the whole liver cleanse we haven't been able to work much this week. I did get to go on exchanges with Sister Roundy! That was just what I needed.

We met this lady named Tiffany this week. She is solid. She already knows it is true, which is unlike most of the people in South Carolina I have taught. So that is something new! We are still trying to figure out some important things about her. I'll keep y'all posted. But in the mean time, she is golden.

This week I learned more about how much it is required to act in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We can say it is true all we want, but in order to enjoy the happiness and sweetness of the gospel we actually have to act on what we say. Alma 32: 27 says all we need to do is experiment upon the word- just exercise a particle of faith. So, try it this week. Pick something you know is true, but might be slipping. Maybe prayer, or daily scripture study. Something. Pick it and exercise a particle of faith and work on it. It's okay if it doesn't happen every day when you start, just start! Sooner or later it will happen every day if you keep at it. I know it will make your days and weeks go better. And who doesn't want their days and weeks to go better?! Just try it. :)

I love y'all and hope y'all have a great week! :)
Peace and blessings.
Love, Sister Broadbent.

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