Monday, October 14, 2013

Off to South Carolina

        Well, today is the day that Missy officially arrived in South Carolina. She seems so far away! Missy was able to call us this morning at 6:30 am from the airport. Thank you to a very kind stranger who allowed her to use his cell phone. I guess the lines for the airport phones were very long and she almost wasn't able to talk to us. But, Heavenly Father is watching out for our Missy. We were able to talk to her for about 10 minutes until she had to board the plane. It was wonderful to hear her voice and of course she did her signature dolphin sound for us. Oh how I wish I had a recording of that sound!
          I texted the owner of the phone later on today to thank him for his kindness. He texted back, "It was my pleasure, she had a worried look on her face that she wouldn't get to a pay phone in time. I know I would want to hear from my daughter if she were headed out. I hope that she was able to reassure you. She will be home before you know it. Thanks for sharing her with the people of the south. They are friendly. (I live in Alabama). Best wishes"
           Thank you to this dear sweet man for watching out for others and following the promptings to help. I know that my day was so much better and I am sure that Missy's was also. She sounded happy and excited to get to South Carolina.
Keep her in your prayers, I know I will.

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