Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hey Guys! er... I mean brothers and sisters...‏

This is the first email we got from Missy, I mean Sister Broadbent. This is also my first ever blog posting. Oh well, we all have to learn sometime.


 Mail is sorta weird here, especially with conference. Speaking of conference, it was good! I have been sick with a sinus infection/head cold kind of thing, so me and my companion didn't go to the Sunday morning session. We stayed at the apartment and slept, then walked up to the main campus at noon. It's about a 30-40 minute walk. But I feel so bad because now my companion is getting sick. 

Speaking of my companion, her name is Sister LeFevre.

She is from Seattle area and she is awesome. We both get along really well. We like to walk around speaking spanish to make people think we are going somewhere Spanish speaking. We found some Spanish elders and asked them how to say a few words. Tosinos is bacon. And that's really all that is needed in life.

The food is meh... They always put some weird sauce on everything, which is gross. But they have root beer and cocoa puffs. And occasionally they have cucumbers. Oh, and they have like sauted squash, which sounds disgusting, but it's really good. I always get it if they have some. 

Last night Sister LeFevre couldn't sleep and I guess I turned over in my bed and was like, "It's fantastic. Jesu Christo." yep. I talk about how fantastic Jesus is in my sleep, while also speaking Spanish. 

The MTC is good. We have basically no free time. And it's hard to adjust to being with someone 24/7. Luckily, I have a good companion. We struggle a little with being exactly obedient. Like waking up on time and going to bed on time. We have to wake up at 5:30. Jank! This is a picture of my schedule this week so you can see how jam packed it is. 

Oh! We leave next Monday super early. We have to be to the travel office at 3:30 am. yep. I don't know how it all works, but our flight leaves at 7:10. So, I'm pretty sure I can call you. It will be sometime between 6 and 7. We have an hour layover in Georgia and should be in South Carolina by 4ish I think. It's so fast.

Look who I saw! Elder Baer. This was at the very beginning before I got my tag. BTW this picture is very illegal in the MTC. Rebel... ;)

Thank you so much for writing me! Mail time is like feeding time for pigs around here. My district was jealous because I got three letters in one day, two of which were from Katherine, but I didn't tell them that...

 I would love addresses so I can write people when I get a spare second. But I just know Katherine's and my home.

Love, Missy :)

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