Monday, January 12, 2015

Yo To My Peeps!

Born to ride!
Another week has gone by here in Myrtle Beach. It seems like the time just gets quicker and quicker! It has been foggy here! and rainy and cold. Thursday it got down to the low 20s. It was so cold with the humidity and the wind thrown in! The fog is about the same...
I'm learning more and more how the spirit speaks to me. It's an adventure for sure!
 We took Chelsea out with us this week. She is the greatest and usually goes out with us once a week! She got baptized last February and is the strongest recent convert. We went to see Bud. We thought he was less active... Turns out he's not. He answered the door without a shirt on... or pants. It was great. We always seem to take Chelsea to those ones... :)
It was kind of funny this week because we had set up a bunch of appointments, but they cancelled last minute. We went on exchanges this week and I went to Florence for the day. Guess what? All the appointments we had set up for the day in Myrtle Beach were solid and Sister McNeece was able to see some pretty great miracles and find a new solid person to teach. In Florence, all of the appointments fell through and nobody was home. God has a funny sense of humor when his children, AKA Sister Broadbent, get a little prideful. God sure is good at taking me down to my knees with a big, thick stick. I imagine he refers to it as "The Humbling Rod."
you notice a lot more when you're biking. :)
 Welcome to South Carolina.
 People just put their toilets everywhere.
We went bowling with Chelsea and Nellena last Monday. It was a lot of fun! Nellena and I ate a plate of fried pickles and I drank an entire Dr. Pepper. I haven't had a DP in so long. And I don't even like pickles! Needless to say I got a little sick... :) Good times.

Anyway, y'all have a good week! Love ya!
Sista B

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