Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It has been a weird, fantastic, busy week!

This whole week we have been running around doing something, going from place to place. Tuesday we drove to transfers so we could switch our car. We are now the proud drivers of a 2013 Toyota Corolla! It is semi broken, though... Have to call the guy about it today.

Wednesday we went to the temple with Pat Higbee! That was great! She is the sweetest British woman I know! Now she wears "Mormon knickers" as she called them. ;) I had a great experience at the temple. I hadn't been to the temple for a session in over a year. The sweet, constant spirit that is felt at the temple was just what I needed. I felt such great peace for the work I have done and where I am at right now. I am very grateful I got to go. If you can, GO TO THE TEMPLE, KIDS! If you can't go in, go to the temple grounds. The peace that is felt there will help you to find answers to questions you didn't even know you had.

On Saturday we went to Conway and were in a Christmas parade! It was fun! Sort of weird. A bunch of Elders rode their bikes around our "float", which was just a decorated truck. Us and the Conway Sisters passed out cards to the spectators. We passed out over 4,000 cards. It was a fun, new experience! Afterwards, we did a little caroling in downtown. Then we walked back to our car at the beginning of the parade. Pretty sure we walked at least 3.5 miles with everything. And all before 2 in the afternoon! :)

Cornel was able to come to church yesterday. He works a lot and we weren't sure when he would be able to have work off again. The Lord makes things possible when we put forth the effort to follow him!

Sister McNeece, my new companion, whom I have lived with for three months already, is great. She has been super sick the past few days. Hopefully, she gets feeling better. It seems that all my companions get some type of illness. Maybe God is trying to tell me I need to be a doctor... We'll see... 

Y'all have a great week! I love ya!

Love, Sister Broadbent    

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