Monday, December 1, 2014

Hey! Hey! Hey! It's fat Albert!

Oh... Just kidding. I just thought the title would be funny because it was Thanksgiving this last week... It's kind of funny, right? :)

Anyway, how is it December already? That's crazy to me. I feel like July just started.

How do you save miles when it's the end of the month?
Well, we borrow the surfside sisters bikes and ride them
6 miles to our service project in the cold.
Luckily we got to wear pants. :)
We had a busy week here in Myrtle Beach. Let's be honest though, every week is busy... I'll just tell you some highlights.

A) Thanksgiving! We had two dinners, back to back. One at 230 and another at 430. I was so full. We had fun though. One was with the Condreys- a family in our ward. The other was with the Albrechts- AKA the greatest senior missionaries in all the land. It was a successful day.

We crochet in our car during our dinner hour. :)

B) Cornel is getting baptized this Saturday! He is getting interviewed tomorrow, but he should pass with flying colors. So, that is exciting.

C) We went over to see the Williamsons- an older less active couple. He was sleeping and she was slaving away on her stuffing, so we helped her with that. Now they really like us and both came to church on Sunday. Usually, only he will come when he is feeling well enough. It was so good to see her there!

It's the keystone, y'all.

D) We started teaching another cool guy. He is from Samoa. He has a bunch of family that are members, and he notices that they all are so much happier. When we shared Joseph Smith's first vision he said he feels like this is where he needs to be. We all felt the power of the Holy Ghost testify to him the truthfulness of the message. It was great! He came to church, too.

E) Sister Peatross and Sister Belyea got sick, so Sister McNeece and I went out to work together while they stayed home being sick. Good times!

This is Sister Peatross's last week of being a missionary, so we are going to work super hard and find new people to teach. Also, we are going to party on pdays. Today we are going to the wax museum. We are getting discounts from a less active member that works there. I'm excited for that!

Pretty much it's just been a good week, and I love Myrtle Beach. Of course there is always room for improvement, but I really like it.

Sister McNeece's birthday...
Have a great week, y'all! Love ya!
Love, Sister Broadbent

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