Monday, February 9, 2015

Hey! :)

This week we helped Pam (the less active with all the problems last week) scrub her kitchen. Her brother left it in pretty bad shape. It was bad. I scrubbed the counters and stove down with bleach and Sister McNeece did a bajillion dishes. I was secretly grateful she did the dishes. I am still learning to enjoy doing dishes... However, I have found it is much more fun to do other people's dishes than your own. Service helps you feel the Holy Ghost! :)

Sharelle made Pam dinner. We took it to her and she was so very grateful for it. Through a very heated ward council meeting we were able to get a couple meals over to Pam throughout the week. She is so very grateful for all the church has done to help her with this trial. She came to church on Sunday, too!! :) She hasn't been in over six years. It was so great to see her there. I have felt the spirit so very strongly when we teach her. She is making great progress. :D

A bunch of less actives/ recent converts came to church. A total of 11! It was so good to see them all there. We have been working with them for so long it seems and they are starting to catch on to the spirit and understand the why of things. It's weird for me to be in an area long enough to see all the work that is done actually work. I must say, I highly enjoy it! :)

I love y'all. Have a fantastic week! :)

Love, Sister Broadbent

PS. funny event of the week. Sister McNeece and I were making fart noises by blowing into our arms at the end of a long day. Then said noises induced me to have an asthma attack. Yep. Hahah!

Do something to stay sane this week! Even if it is being immature and making fart noises. You could probably do without the asthma attack, though... Welcome to my life! :)


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